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PS3 news. recent poll hints mainstream gamers prefer easy games?

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User Info: Q_Sensei

4 years ago#11
SigmaHaciel posted...

Enjoy that YOU problem.


The fact is, THAT is the reason people voted the way they did. It has nothing to do with the OP's completely illogical conclusion.

People prefer games that they know about and are hyped for. This is why EA does well even though they are practically taking the industry apart piece by piece.

I myself am getting Dark Arisen.

And honestly I really don't know anything about those other games and I have no reason or incentive to learn about them because I am perfectly occupied with the entertainment - and REAL LIFE - that I already have.

Real life being the most challenging and difficult game of all to succeed at. If you click my sig, make sure you watch at least 60 seconds.

User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#12
I kind of noticed this change this Gen. I guess all those online Whining an Rants to developers payed off.
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If PS4 Bans Used Games, It will Die Faster than PSPGO. Like ET

User Info: Rafedx

4 years ago#13
xenosaga123 posted...
Well it seems that way. That might explain why the industry has dumbed down so many games and practically anyone can beat them now with minimal effort and low skill.

What do you think?

To be fair I can see how many of those titles wouldn't appeal to everyone, so it really has nothing to do with putting in minimal effort with no skill.

On the list the only ones I am interested in would be Dead Island:Rip Tide, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, and maybe Ninja Gaiden.

I don't have a vita, I don't care about JRPG's, and I am not really into fighting games. So for me it isn't about having no skill or putting in minimal effort when I am going back and playing Xcom doing a classic iron man run while I wait for more interesting games. --> Terra: a Science Fiction Webcomic / Updates every 15th of the month.
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