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Does a game's series impact your rating of it?

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  3. Does a game's series impact your rating of it?

User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#11
In a series, yes. A goal of a new entry to an established franchise is to be a better game than their previous iteration. If it can't keep true to the style while being better, I don't consider it an improvement.
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User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#12

I judge a game based off of what it is, not what the others were before it.

User Info: kel25

4 years ago#13
TomoEK9 posted...
Yes it does.

If its part of a series, you would expect each game to be of equal or better performance than the last. It creates a certain expectation of the game, and you would hope it meets that expectation.

Of course one bad game in the series won't make me think poorly of the series, but it would be more disappointing to see a game go bad of its part of a series.

If its a standalone title without any previous entries, its easier to let mistakes slip past because you can chalk it up to devs playing with things to see how they go, rather than refining a proven system.

I completely agree with this and I would say most people look at games like this. It's the reason why you will have people defend a game by saying something like "it is a poor FF but it's a good rpg."
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User Info: Mantiso

4 years ago#14
You can't help but weigh a game up against earlier installments. One of the best ways of judging anything is by how much it succeeded at what it set out to do. So when you've a horror franchise that suddenly shifts towards action for example, it will clearly throw people off. Unless previews have shown that the series is going for a new direction, people will assume it has failed at its job of being another horror entry to the series.

Personally I don't usually like when they change direction. If I like a series, I like it for the things that make it what it is. Screwing that up is a risky strategy because while it can help freshen things up, it can potentially ruin what made the series so good in the first place.
I'd prefer it if studios simply made a new series but they love to use brand recognition to push their new direction on people.
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  3. Does a game's series impact your rating of it?

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