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How do I fix this? PSN Store says I don't have enough space when I know I do

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User Info: KDogg1800

4 years ago#41
From: king_madden | #038
thinking about it though, it wouldnt be possible for it to work either way, because downloading in the background is NO different than downloading right then and there. downloading in the background wouldnt require more space, because they are both just creating that little bubble. and you have to have enough memory to fit that bubble AND to install the entire bubble, thats why double is required.

if what people are saying here is true, then you are implying that you are able to go over your allowed storage space, think of it like this. say you have a 10gb download, and only 5gb available.

thats a 10gb bubble that you somehow fit into 5gb of space.

now if you have 15gbs free and a 10gb download, you have a 10gb bubble, which means 5gb free. that bubble doesnt go away until the game in its ENTIRETY is installed, which means once your game would reach 5gb installed it would be a full HDD which would be an error which is why it wont allow it either way.

I came in here to say the same thing. If you only have 10GB free and the game you want to install is 8GB it's not going to happen. You need to have a total of at least 16GB free because the install bubble/file is 8GB and the game once installed/extracted is 8GB. PSN is not like Steam that downloads AND installs at the same time.

User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#42
SlaynWilderGL3 posted...
Why is everyone in this topic an ass? Calm down for Christ sake..... is embarrassing.

I just suggested that he should get at least a 500 gig HD because of his small storage space. but,I can't speak for the other posts in this topic.
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User Info: RocketZXblue

4 years ago#43
the double space requirement makes sense, why would you download a game installer that you CAN'T install?
if you really really need to download something why not delete another game you haven't played in a while and once your trial is done redownload them back?
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  3. How do I fix this? PSN Store says I don't have enough space when I know I do

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