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Favorite FPS Multiplayer/Campaign for PS3?

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User Info: vr6exyvr6exy

4 years ago#1
Campaign: FarCry 3
Multiplayer: FarCry 3

User Info: JohnHitman47

4 years ago#2
Campaign: Far cry 3.
Multiplayer: Battlefield games.
Love good shooters and horror.

User Info: este914

4 years ago#3
Campaign: BioShock
Multiplayer: Goldeneye 64
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User Info: vr6exyvr6exy

4 years ago#4
keep it coming lets see the winner

User Info: NessaJ_TuN

4 years ago#5
Campagin: Bioshock Infinite, FarCry 3 and Resistance 3.
Multiplayer: Battlefield Bad Company 2.

User Info: knuxnole

4 years ago#6
Campaign: Bioshock
Multi: MW2
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User Info: ImDyinSquirtle

4 years ago#7
Campaign: Resistance
Multiplayer: Killzone

CoD isn't too far behind for it's multiplayer though
Help me Squirtle, dont just stand there...Im freaking dying

User Info: anonymous46773

4 years ago#8
Campaign: Currently Bioshock Infinite
Multiplayer: None
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User Info: AssaultMonkey9

4 years ago#9
Campaign: Bioshock
Multiplayer: Bad Company 2 or BF3 (cant decide!)
Now Playing: Ni No Kuni, Dead Space 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, AC3
PSN: AssaultMonkey150

User Info: wrightreyesrock

4 years ago#10
Campaign: Mass Effect 2
Multiplayer: Mass Effect 3
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