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How come no one replays games anymore?

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User Info: codman4

4 years ago#181
There are a few main reasons why I don't reply most of my games:

1) There are just so many games out there to play, I don't have the time to reply any of them except my very favorite ones.
2) Games are much longer now, and that also plays into "there are only so many hours in a day" to game.
3) Sequels. I have less of an incentive to play the first game of a series, when I often find that if I wait a year or two the improved sequel will come out. Doesn't always hold true, but for example, I can't play Just Cause or Assassin's Creed since the sequels are leaps and bounds better.

User Info: bluedragon619

4 years ago#182
Games do have replay value but people seemed to just focus on trophies and achievements and forget the fun factor, and btw you ruined your arguement by bringing ffXIII into it, that game didnt have play value let alone replay
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User Info: Dasendrix

4 years ago#183
I still replay games, but especially older ones. Games today usually have a longer than needed intro that is tedious and boring (usually with a tutorial). Older games? You get in the action and less than 30 seconds.

User Info: ragnarokius

4 years ago#184

User Info: FullmetalChild

4 years ago#185
I'm currently in the middle of my second playthrough of Assassin's Creed III, my fourth playthrough of Persona 3 Portable, And my I-lost-count playthrough of Ocarina of Time.

I still replay games quite a bit.
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User Info: kimaochi

4 years ago#186
I don't replay games much nowadays because there's a lot of games I want to play. I'll replay an old favorite if no other game interests me at the moment. But otherwise I'll start feeling I'm spending too much time on one game when I could be enjoying and experiencing another one.

This might be a bit of nostalgic bias but many of the older games back in the day had far more replay value than now. I think it has to do with the fact that developers had more limiting space and had to design games with a pick-up-and-play philosophy and simple in-game challenges to increase replay value.

User Info: Jimbearpig24

4 years ago#187
I've played through the Mass Effect trilogy at least 8 times. I also just started my second play through of Bioshock Infinite.

User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#188
Master_Happosai posted...
It's probably because i am an adult with a job and other responsibilities. I feel like i am wasting my time if i replay a game again.
When i was a kid i was always bored and didn't have the resources to buy new games so i replayed the games i had.

I am pretty sure, younger kids replay the games multiple times.
I've seen a friend of mine pulling insane combo in DmC just because he played it several times.
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User Info: Carpetfluff

4 years ago#189
nocute_nickname posted...
no one??

This is the only sensible response to this statement.

User Info: Castiel39

4 years ago#190
I love replaying videogames i like. In fact i'm replaying Dragon Quest VIII right now and i'm having a great time. But yeah, replaying videogames isn't a common thing these days.
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