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PSN Questions

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User Info: FieldTornOutlaw

4 years ago#1
n00b questions incoming...

Last Playstation I had was 2 several years ago... Got a free 360 and 360 slim from work a couple years back and have had that since.

Getting kind of tired paying for Live Gold, so my question is what is the PSN like?

What is free, what isn't?

About the only thing I do on my 360 these days is Netflix...
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User Info: Scene13

4 years ago#2
What is free, what isn't?
As far as online features go, PSN is free. Anybody with an account can play online, buy games, add friends, etc. Playstation has an optional paid service called PS+ that cost $50 a year, but it's not necessary. And obviously you need to pay for stuff like Netflix and Hulu if you want to use them.
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User Info: CassyChan

4 years ago#3
Things that are free:

Playing online (some games require online passes now though, which come free with new copies of the game or can be bought)
access to all the friend stuff and messaging friends, using text or video/voice chat
Some DLC is free, depending on the publisher and game, vast majority is paid
Some video services are free (different by region)
Some games are free to download and play (like DC Universe Online and Uncharted 3 multiplayer)

There's PS Home too but I don't know much about that.

Also with PS+ you pay subscription fees to have access to some games for free, but you only have access to them while your subscription is active, there's also "free" DLC and other stuff and discounts as well.

User Info: harcoreblazer

4 years ago#4
PSN is free, except for your typical subscription services like Netflix or MLB TV. And PS+.

PS+ allows you to get free games every month, both retail and digital, as well as exclusive demos, betas, and full game trials.
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User Info: FieldTornOutlaw

4 years ago#5
Thanks all.
3DS FC: 1306-5162-1328
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