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Whats with jrpgs and airships?

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User Info: Godly_Goof

4 years ago#31
PurelyDivine posted...
Megathorn22 posted...
I agree, TC. Seems over used. I think it's high time they think up new ways to air travel.

Cyborg Pterodactyls.

You saw it here first.

I don't think Ridley would let Samus ride on him.

.... I see this spawning some horrible abominations of fan art ...
I still don't believe most people on gamefaqs are even gamers. Just assuming they are embodiments of hate and stupidity taking digital form.

User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#32
HappyBull posted...
I noticed in the millions upon millions of jrpgs i've played over the years, at least 90% of those feature airship technology.

Millions and millions, eh? Even with the obvious sarcasm you fail.

Of course, i could always post a topic asking why people push the regional aspects of gaming when it's not a necessity to playing games. That would be like asking why Veruca Salt was a bad egg after the fact that the bad egg alarm went off. The regionally challenged simply have an abnormal view of gaming.
She blinded me with region ....
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User Info: Caer_Death

4 years ago#33
In the........ millions and millions of jrpgs I've played, only about a dozen have featured airships, and most of them are called _inal _antasy. Can you ******* believe that ****?
The circle of life was founded by the god of America. Love it or leave it!

User Info: KOTRsss

4 years ago#34
Airships are a very convenient and logical form of travel. Even if the airship is just one of those "choose your destination from a list" vessels, it's still necessary if the story cant account for "teleport anywhere" magic.

Also, airships + world maps = the best combination ever.
Gamefaqs has taught us that academic fields like literature don't exist because of teenagers that say "well that's just your opinion and I disagree."
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