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Is male low standards hurting video games?

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User Info: Mattywright77

4 years ago#11
Bayonetta_ posted...
Mattywright77 posted...
ScreamingMidget posted...
Bayonetta_ flopic.

This. My only suprise is he did not find a way to squeeze " beta male" into that.

Me: Voice your words to the devs for better games.
You two: We hate thinking.

Yes random hatred for japan, so called beta males, and now this on a system board at gamefaqs is really getting the developers thinking.

And I have built my life on critcal thinking which is how I know 99% of what you post is brainrotting junk. Especially when me and screaming midget disagree on everything but agree on this shows your arguments can bring those with differing thoughts together.

Funniest is your betraying your own gimmick and proving its a gimmick by railing against men who fit the description of alpha male which is the idea youve been championing in all your other topics.
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User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#12
How has this sexist topic not been locked, deleted, and thrown onto the Isle of Misfit Topics yet? Do we need to make up a silly song for it to gain entry there, complete with claymation dance sequences?
You ever meet one of those Don Quixote types and just wonder "What the hell are they thinking?"

User Info: rahmed51387

4 years ago#13
UltraCiggy posted...
I don't want to be that guy, but isn't everything you said apply to the game in your user name? Bayonneta had bad graphics, no character interactions, gameplay felt dated, the world wasn't very interesting, and the story was horrendous.

Defending the game, not the TC:

I'm compelled to disagree. Going by the 360 version, the art style may have been a little unconventional, but it was appealing enough. There were quite a few interesting enemy designs, and some of the environments (especially the Heaven parts) were actually quite polished.

As someone mentioned, the gameplay was definitely one of the strongest parts of this game. Once you understood how the dodge mechanic worked and how witch-time affects your enemies as you attack them and how your different combos affected the environment, the game became incredibly enjoyable. I still think most action games have quite a bit to learn from how Bayonetta handled things.

The world not being interesting? You have parallel dimensions, and versions of heaven, hell, and purgatory all colliding within each other. These worlds have much more going on than most games do these days. And given how much witch lore is actually implemented in the game if you read all the backstories, descriptions and such, I'm actually quite impressed with how many different inspirations and actual myths were looked into the creation of the game.

I'll admit on the basic story however, it's more or less uninspired. Trust me, I've tried to get into the story bit for the game (as proven with me going into backstory, etc.), but the general plot is pretty lackluster. However, just that reason alone isn't enough to try to merit Bayonetta being a bad game by any means.
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User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#14
Bayonetta_ posted...

Men on the other hand just see boobs and ass as a damn standard which is the same for video games

Are we talking about the same 'men' here?
Because I buy games based on multiple factors (PRICE, gameplay, story, replay factor, music, etc.) and boobs/asses are in the bottom of the list.
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