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try and tell me how ff13 is bad and i will counter you

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User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#231
ExtremeLight posted...
nfobia posted...
I appreciate how Retroxgamer0 gallantly defends this criminally bashed game but I dont see much of a point for this thread because many aspects stated are purely subjective opinions. You just cant change stubborn peoples opinions, its their loss if they consider FFXIII as mediocre or bad.

Personally FFXIII is one of my favorite FF game and i've been fan since VII and played every main title multiple times and most spin-offs. Just saying, that I know something about the franchise. So my point about opinions, it seems even people who likes FFXIII consider its linearity automatically as flaw. I dont. As today when we live among oppressive times, video game market has changed radically. It seems that open worlds and free roaming in rpgs, and games in general has become some kind of Holy Grail. Every game needs to have that element or its worthless, mediocre and whatever. When I play FFXIII today it actually feels different and refreshing. Its linear yes but what it does, it does great. I can just enjoy through the game and watch gorgeous graphics while slowly expanding the great & challenging battle system, linearity helping to keep story's pacing on rail.

Personally, I don't believe in linearity as a legit flaw, just a lame excuse to bash the game.

Lol, that's beautiful. You call out people for being stubborn, because they recognize this game to be a failure of a FF/JRPG, not to mention a game. But at the same time, you consider your views to be what, legit reasoning?

User Info: shinra35800

4 years ago#232
Here ya go folks, Mr. Conway Twitty:

That is all.

User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#233
user_pt posted...
OEIO999 posted...
user_pt posted...
OEIO999 posted...
I agree

If it is so bad as you say it is, how come it became so commercially successful and got good to great scores by most gaming sites/magazines?

Same reason why CoD remains to be one of the greatest series of all time. And it's developers truly gifted.

CoD isn't a bad game. It's a decent shooter series that each new installment, in my opinion, brings few things new and aren't worth buying. That doesn't mean it is a bad series. Same thing with sports series such as Madden, NBA or FIFA, for example.

I am going to presume you aren't a fan of the series. With that being said, i am going to formally say that series is degrading at a hastened pace. The onset began with the hail of the ACTUAL Great game known as, COD4;MW. After that, the company has been trivializing its stories and milking the effing hell out of that series. But its more than that, from CoD's massive success, many other titles are being influenced by that genre and as a result are being negatively effected by it. RE6, Dead Space 3, Hitman: Absolution e.t.c. And the worst of it, the gaming mags are actually supporting their action and promoting future titles to follow suit. Sure their latest entries may not be the worst game ever made, same could be said for FFXIII, but it only gets worse for COD, at least that's what i figure. I like to think FF may be redeemable, but with the way things are panning out, its hard to say

User Info: GothicAngel19

4 years ago#234
Retroxgamer0 posted...
toadieman posted...
Retroxgamer0 posted...
toadieman posted...
No traditional victory fanfare.

-final fantasy 10-2 used generic crap not made by nobou utematsu, but had fanfare
-final fantasy 11 did not have fanfare at all
-final fantasy 12 did not have fanfare except for bosses i believe
-final fantasy 13 did not have fanfare
-final fantasy 13-2 had fanfare

11 had the traditional fanfare on a level up.
12 had it for bosses yes.

i played final fantasy 11 online for a few years, it did not have fanfare for leveling up unless they added it later.
11 has ALWAYS had the fanfare on level up.. I've played since NA release and it's been there ever since.
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User Info: BlackWizardMagus

4 years ago#235
Retroxgamer0 posted...
and before you post anything keep in mind that ff10 is more linear than 13 is, so if you like that game, dont bother bringing up that point.

Troll topic? Or a really stupid fanboy. Either way, his second post proves the topic is a joke.
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User Info: wh0_kn0ws

4 years ago#236
Master_M64 posted...
Uninspired level design (not aesthetic-wise, mind you. Don't really care so much about the linearity, but the problem lies within how the linearity was presented and how dreadful it was)

this is one of the most valid complaints i've seen.
it's simple. just be nice.

User Info: ReloadPsi

4 years ago#237
Found a playable FF13 beta! Flash-based, should run on just about any machine. I'm quite amazed by the compatibility actually.
If you've no respect for the fact that people have put the time aside to play a game with you, play a single-player game. There are thousands to choose from.

User Info: Tornn7Poys

4 years ago#238
The Game was linear just straight up linear, both physically and metaphorically. The maps (for the most part) were straight lines.

FF10 was linear to a degree, but FF13 had a unified sense of straight lines.

User Info: grendelnargent

4 years ago#239
when you are playing a game and you ask yourself why you are playing it,you know the game is bad. that how i feel about FF13.

User Info: 1shadetail1

4 years ago#240
Retroxgamer0 posted...
and before you post anything keep in mind that ff10 is more linear than 13 is, so if you like that game, dont bother bringing up that point.

Not true. And this is not merely your opinion that I'm disagreeing with, you are *factually wrong*. FF13 is linear in every single way, including in the level/power advancement. FF13's Crysterium is a straight line. FF10's Sphere Grid, by contrast, is a non-linear board game. Also, you can go backwards and return to all the earlier areas in FF10. You can't do that in FF13.

To be sure, FF10 is a very linear game. But to say that it's more linear than FF13 is laughable.
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