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try and tell me how ff13 is bad and i will counter you

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  3. try and tell me how ff13 is bad and i will counter you

User Info: JJCTroy

4 years ago#251
Bancario51 posted...
JJCTroy posted...
Translation of topic title:

Help me reach 500 posts, guys!

Side note: FFXIII is horrible for an FF game; it's decent for a linear JRPG.

Its working isn't it?

even though the TC hasn't even responded a fraction of the post here, everyone should be theory just quit posting right?


User Info: zentazym

4 years ago#252
I think would have been a better game if Mario and Sonic were in it.
If you have a counter for that, I eagerly anticipate your rebuttal.

User Info: blackerfire_

4 years ago#253
jammies posted...
Not enough black characters.


User Info: gameboy3145

4 years ago#254
FF13 is bad because it isn't PS3 exclusive.
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User Info: KotomineKirei

4 years ago#255
Retroxgamer0 posted...
ff13 is one of the best final fantasy games, so i challenge anyone to try and find something to complain about, and i will counter your claim, to prove that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Camera angle.

Everything else in the game is fine(well, linear levels aren't so great) except for that.

User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#256
bigdaddy041988 posted...
Graphics are decent,

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User Info: MaveCryst

4 years ago#257
There are quite a number of reasons that 13 is bad, and little way you can counter, OP.

Linearity. You didn't address it, you just claimed FF10 was more linear, which it wasn't. Also, at least FF10 had some flesh to the skeleton; you had blitzball, towns to walk around in, mini quests (finding al bhed primers), that sorta thing. In 13, you just had the skeleton. Walk, combat (which was fun, I'll admit), walk, treasure sphere, combat, walk some more.

It was the only FF where I wanted to be in combat all the time, because that was one of two entertaining things I found about the game. The second being the focus on the characters. I liked the character focus, the flashbacks, and all that. But FF13 was overall a boring FF, in terms of gameplay. It's like for every good point it has, there are 2 bad ones.

Good combat - But poor and boring development. Crystarium was lame. Also, controlled character dying resulting in a game over was a stupid idea.

Good music - But boring environments with little to no interactivity. Hardly any side paths. Even when there were side paths, they went for like, 10 metres then you just walked back. Ugh.

Good Character Development - But horrible voice acting and scripted lines. Seriously some of the stuff Hope says is I really appreciated the effort to flesh out characters but it was very immersion breaking at certain parts.

I'll stop here. OP you're out of your league with your title, because FF13 is a bad FF overall. It wasn't a horrible game, in fact I did have some fun with it, but as objectively as possible with this kinda thing, it was a really bad FF.

User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#258
it smells like cheap plastic
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User Info: Chojuro7Sword

4 years ago#259
I didn't even read past the 2nd page of posts & I can already tell every point TC is making is purely subjective. None of his claims are fact based.

Except maybe graphics, but I mean, it's a current gen game. Why wouldn't the graphics be better than the previous games?

User Info: UnderratedGamer

4 years ago#260
Retroxgamer0 posted...
im sorry guys but so far your points have been pretty horrible... i mean you say its boring that is an opinion i cant argue with you if you think the games boring..but that doesnt make the game bad, it just means you are not interested in jrpgs. if you think its boring that is fine, but that doesnt make the game bad, just because it doesnt excite you. this game isnt meant to get your blood pumping its an rpg. if you want an adrenaline rush go play DmC or Tomb Raider.

You didn't respond to those posts personally. The entirety of this passage is 100% invalid. There were good valid arguments that you just dodged and responded with a robust statement.
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  3. try and tell me how ff13 is bad and i will counter you

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