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What game(s) did you regret buying?

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User Info: shadowjoe323

4 years ago#151
halo 4 and sonic and all stars racing transformed.

User Info: PreacherXWDSX

4 years ago#152
Heavy Rain....... with a decent script and plot it could have been a good 20$ DVD, I need some gameplay in my Video Games.
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User Info: DuePancho

4 years ago#153

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#154
Most games this gen.

User Info: blackwaltz3

4 years ago#155
Borderlands 2, I have no idea why I didn't like this game. I played the first game for at least 100 hrs, but something about the sequel just didn't grab me like the original and I eventually abandoned it probably 5-8 hours in
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User Info: Dirk_McHardpeck

4 years ago#156
blackwaltz3 posted...
Borderlands 2, I have no idea why I didn't like this game. I played the first game for at least 100 hrs, but something about the sequel just didn't grab me like the original and I eventually abandoned it probably 5-8 hours in

I know what you mean. I loved the first one. Played it religiously for hours, days, weeks. Then the second one came out and something about it just didn't interest me in the least.

User Info: Marty_Mcfly321

4 years ago#157
I have practically never regretted buying a game because I don't buy them until the price gets to be around $20. By then they are usually a great bargain and I already know which games are going to be a good game from reading reviews when they come out.

The only game I regret buying was Skate but it was only like $12 so really there's not much to regret about that one.
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User Info: KARGOO

4 years ago#158
EA Sports games, after you find out it's the very same you bought last year

User Info: Megathorn22

4 years ago#159
Assassin's Creed - Repetition Creed is more like it. Hated this game. Only vaguely interesting parts were in the modern parts. Climbing and controls were awkward, and graphics were subpar. Tried playing sequels but found then equally boring, despite improvements. Sold it.

Heavy Rain - My initial playthrough was cool, since I was still under the impression my choices mattered. Second and third playthrough tought me that my choices, save on occasion, did not matter much, if at all. Also thought it was odd that David Cage went on and on about game and movie comparisons in terms of art, only to give me plenty of sections with awkward dialog and inconsistent line delivery ranging from good to terrible. Sold it. Beyond Two Souls better deliver.

Street Fighter X Tekken - I. Hate. This. Game. Sold it, but felt bad about accepting money for it.

Crysis - Always looked interesting and heard the port was actually pretty good, like almost low settings on PC. Game was just... Boring. Especially having just come off of Far Cry 3.

Unreal Tournament 3 - Just did not feel like an UT game should. Split screen would have saved it for me. I think there is a patch now for that? Doesn't matter now since I sold it.

Resistance 2 - Insomniac... You did not have to turn this into a CoD clone with the two weapon and regen health crap. It was unique before with its old school style. Fans asked that you not change these two things, and you did. Why? You learned your lesson with R3, but the damage was done. This would have made it onto my top most hated games list had it not been for the 8 player co-op. For shame.

Disgae 3 - Just had a hard time getting into it. Sold it.

Resident Evil 5 - Not much of a fan anyway, and only got it to online co-op with my friend. Sold it.

Call of Duty: WaW, CoD:MW2, CoD: BO - I liked CoD4. I did. I did not need to play it again 3 more times. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me thrice, I'm an idiot. Sold all of them.

There's more, but I cannot think of them. Sticking with games from this gen. If it was from every system since Atari, I'd have to make dozen posts.

User Info: the_third_curry

4 years ago#160
The only game I can say that I honestly regret buying was NCAA Football 2010 for the PS3.

NCAA Football was one of my favorite sports series on the PS2, but ever since it went to the PS3, its become the nadir of yearly sports titles. Most of the features from the PS2 games were inexplicably cut out, the games have worse gameplay and physics, they have the same stupid problems and glitches year after year, and they constantly introduce "new features" that were either already in the PS2 games or are things that any competently made football game would have included years earlier.

I know that yearly sports titles have a bad reputation for not improving much, but NCAA on the PS3 is the worse I've ever seen, and NCAA 10 is the worse of the series due to utter lack of improvement over its predecessor and the player development bug that made Dynasty mode (the game's primary mode) borderline unplayable after the first few seasons. Thankfully, EA finally caved in to angry fans (about 5 years too late) and issued some firings to those responsible. At least there's hope for next-gen

To this day, NCAA '10 is the only game I've ever returned to the store.
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