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Does Game Developers read Game Forums like GameFaqs?

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User Info: thesnoopmeister

4 years ago#41
TheBonfini posted...
thesnoopmeister posted...
TheBonfini posted...
Sites like this having PR people posing as gamers to attempt to strength consumer reception of their products. You have to take views expressed by anonymous users online who are indifferent or supportive of anticonsumer practices with a grain of salt. They are likely on Microgate$ vast payroll.

They often have no issues with always online, pay to play features free everywhere else in the history of humanity, dismissal of umpteen sources of negative rumours until their boss confirms the inevitable and than proclaiming to deal with it.

I once worked hard with Nintendos Wii Fit.

Think ill take your whole post with a pinch of salt.

Butthurts prefer squirt of lube for the ms corporate wang. And most butthurt anonymous people don't think.

Its sweet they let you use the internet when you're allowed out.

User Info: almasbaby

4 years ago#42
jim200 posted...

I am Hideo Kojima!

Your games suck.

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#43
They do I've seen them on here as industry VIPs.

User Info: PangLa

4 years ago#44
There's a couple of them on neogaf. They barely post though, cause they're too cool for that.

User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#45
Trust me, if game developers did what fans wanted, the industry would be in a deeper rut than it is now. Gamers in general don't know what they want. They take some comments/complaints/suggestions into consideration, but that's it, nothing concrete.
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  3. Does Game Developers read Game Forums like GameFaqs?

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