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You are stuck in the last game world you played in... (twist)

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User Info: Bombsoldier13

4 years ago#491
Stuck in the world of Darksiders 2 as Sonic the Hedgehog... I don't think I would last long.
GT: Bombsoldier13
3DS FC: 2191-7848-4007

User Info: Zechs23

4 years ago#492
Stuck in Fallout: New Vegas wastelands as Corvo from Dishonored.

That's err... interesting.
3DS FC: 0619-3034-0578

User Info: Masterbob1872

4 years ago#493
Commander Shepard, stuck in Sonic Adventure 2. That would be hilarious!

User Info: hhjghbhghnmh

4 years ago#494
kos12 posted...
these topics are pointless because no one ever discusses other peoples results lol

I wouldn't say that makes it pointless. At least some people read others' answers. I wouldn't have seen this if I wasn't.

User Info: AsterAzul

4 years ago#495
Stuck in the world of Dark Souls as... the crew of FTL?

I... guess... we could make that work? Rockman, Mantis, Human, Human, that's a pretty good combo. Do we have our spaceship? How many upgrades?
I develop games:

User Info: LexShine

4 years ago#496
Clink (Evoland) in GrandChase (MMO) world. Kinda boring.
Removing MMO it would be Ada Wong (RE6) in Evoland world. From 8 bit to 3D Ada. Might be interesting.
Taking Indie out, it would be Dante (DmC) in RE6 world. That's too easy.

User Info: eziokratosleon

4 years ago#497
i'm stucked in limbo as Leon .RE4

User Info: billy_rabino

4 years ago#498
I stuck in the world of Project Diva as DIao Chan from DW. She make a great idol I'd say.
Just a passing-through Kamen Rider, Remember that!!

User Info: kingofthekids

4 years ago#499
Stuck in Skyrim as Lara Croft.

User Info: XIII_Darknesses

4 years ago#500
Stuck in the world of monster hunter as riku from kingdom hearts 3D xD
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  3. You are stuck in the last game world you played in... (twist)

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