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i bought 2 worlds.

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User Info: Billy Trance

Billy Trance
4 years ago#1
this control is abomination.

User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#2
Your grammar is an abomination.
(message deleted)

User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#4
*backs slowly out of topic*

User Info: Final_Tran

4 years ago#5
I bought it for $5 when it was on sale on PSN, I'd say it was well worth the Big Mac
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User Info: Lockheart34

4 years ago#6
The Magic system is cool. Experiment with it.
PSN: Kamurotetsu

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#7
I'm sorry to hear that, TC.

User Info: Red_Jester

4 years ago#8
I still like it, but the original was better, IMO. (Minus your character starting off insanely weak and requiring absurd hit and run tactics for the first hour and a half)
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User Info: Slaysme

4 years ago#9
Bought in on $5 sale..... Played a few mins, heard the magic is cool. I'll play more one day.
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User Info: peter_888

4 years ago#10
my condolences
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