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IN-GAME feature that you hate in this game generation

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User Info: ReeNoiP

4 years ago#41
Things I hate:
-QTEs. Screw that, it's never fun.
- Extremely scripted/constricted gameplay. Flanking? "You are leaving the combat area"
- Unskippable cutscenes
-1 save autosave/no manual save. Seriously, why?
-DLC check/connect to servers on every startup. I just wanna hit load game and get on with it. Don't spam me you jerks.
-In-game DLC stores/pitches. If I want DLC I will go look for it >:(
-Designed for microtransactions. I bought the game, now you want me to pay extra to play it without insane amounts of grinding?
-Accounts/stat tracking/Social networking. This is especially a problem on PC but also happen on consoles where they can't even use the DMR excuse. I never use my battlelog, Origin, GFWL, Social club, C&C4 or Crysis 2 account for anything other than signing in to play a game. And no I don't want to share it on facebook.

Things I dislike:
- Levelling/weapon unlock systems in any form of competitive online. Want a dot sight on that M4? Well you better deal with the crappy iron sights for 50 kills first. Want to pilot a chopper effectively? Well first you have to be a sitting duck until you unlock flares.
- Long puzzle sections in action games.
- Characters whos personality solely revolves around their sexual orientation.
- Farming/low drop rates.

User Info: skeithxth

4 years ago#42
Letting me know in-game that DLC exists and that certain features and stories cannot be accessed without purchasing said DLC.

Seriously...keep that crap out of my experience. If I want the damn DLC, I will download it. But I don't need my game experience itself reminding me that I don't have it (looking at you Dragon Age: Origins).
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User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#43
Darth_Kamcio posted...
4sakuraHa0 posted...
zinsindetta posted...
I hate microtransactions and forced multiplayer.

Forced multiplayer?
What do you mean?
Any game for example??

Tomb Raider? I mean, the single player is a nice story where we experience Lara's difficulties on the island as she turns from a scared girl into a strong woman.

And the multiplayer is people shooting the living **** out of each other.

Hmm, I thought "forced multiplayer" = you need to play with other people(multiplayer) in order to finish your single player mode.
In Tomb Raider, you can finish the story mode by playing alone.
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User Info: ShinXagura

4 years ago#44
Sez6 posted...

This. Lock Saves and Disc Lock Content.
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User Info: MrBanballow

4 years ago#45
I'll say that Trophies / Achievements can be a hit or miss sort of thing.
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User Info: AnnCoulter88

4 years ago#46
656stooge posted...
*Mash buttons to open door.

Button mashing isn't as bad as forcing you to violently shake a sixaxis controller to advance the story.
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