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Despite all the hate Gamestop gets...

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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#51
Wow this topic is still alive...

Not exactly derailed either, figured more hate stories would come out then anything else xD

I'll tip the balance. Whenever there's a promo like trade in towards pre ordering ****** and get and additional 30%. Most employees at my gamestop let me pre-order the game in the promo, then transfer that credit to a game I actually want

MwarriorHiei posted...
From: _tanjil_ | #009
pay cheque

I'm Canadian, that's how we spell it...if that's what you're trying to point out...if that is what you're doing...well what ever makes you happy

Yaboy125 posted...
wow learn to preview better.. that's an edited message? /rant

what Yaboy read
My friend's birthday is coming up. I no longer want to be friend's with him, but only can display that by being passive aggressive and buying him the worst garbage game I can find, without just buying him Hannah Montana

Lol yeah I remember being really tired while writing it. And yeah people like what they like. I get bashed on for liking DmC more than MGR.

User Info: Yaboy125

4 years ago#52
Banjo2553 posted...
Yaboy125 posted...
not that I can think of. At least one that isn't OBVIOUSLY garbage/shovelware.

Well if it's not in the garbage/shovelware tier, then it's obviously not the worst game in existence. Gotta love "gamer" logic.

So what, you're saying that no matter what the worst game is, it wouldn't be considered garbage? Do you even realize what you said makes no sense at all? I was saying I couldn't think of another game that would be such a Trojan horse, being part of a popular series (get your hopes up it might be good, but looking like a huge pile of crap) but in no way being good enough to have been made w/o the strength of the series behind it
Have you read the Old Testament? **** goes down in that. -RinkuTanuki

User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#53
Gonna go to gamestop and pick up some games because of the people in this topic.

I don't even care what games.
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User Info: KaiKun91

4 years ago#54
It all depend on the employee.
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