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Need a time passer until Injustice >.<

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User Info: Onipaladin

4 years ago#1
I was thinking Binary Domain, Dishonored, 1999 mode on Bioshock re-play or Valkyria Profile.

Also about how long are these games (Except infinite i beat that once so I know)
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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#2
if you have an ipod touch 4gs, iphone 4 and up or an ipad, you can download the injustice app, and unlock free costumes. The games fun for a little bit then becomes grinding so I gave up. You might enjoy it

Console Unlocks:
Perform these action in the iOS version to unlock the item in the console version.

- Bane Background
Collect 5 character cards in Injustice Mobile

- Grundy Background
Collect 10 character cards

- Superman's Cape BG
Collect 15 character cards

- Cars of Gold BG
Collect 15 character cards

- Killer Frost BG
Evolve a character to max

- Wonder Woman Icon
Complete a battle in injustice mobile

- Green Arrow Icon
complete 10 battles

- The Joker Icon
Complete 25 battles

- Doomsday Icon
Complete 40 battles

-Superman Icon
Complete the Tutorial

- Wonder Woman Portrait
Login once to injustice Mobile

- Green Arrow Portrait
Login 5 times (counts once per day)

- The Joker Portrait
Login 10 times (once per day)

- Doomsday Portrait
Login 20 times (once per day)

- Superman Portrait
Login 30 times (counts once per day)

- Batman Beyond
Obtain any Batman character card

- New 52 Green Lantern
Complete a Bonus Battle in Injustice mobile

- Knightfall Bane
Rate Us!

- Arkham Harley
Obtain any Joker Character Card

- Hidden Reward (It's Superman in a prisoner outfit)
Complete all battles in Injustice Mobile

Otherwise.... Dishonored is short enough that you can slowly enjoy the full game by the time Injustice comes out
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