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FINAL FANTASY X HD who's buying?

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User Info: slymshady

4 years ago#31
A fresh coat of HD paint Wong make this game any less ******

User Info: MrSmadSmartAlex

4 years ago#32
Stanger5150 posted...
Day one. X and X-2 are the only ones I don't own.

Skip this, get rid of XIII and its sequels, and that'll be a nice FF collection. :D

User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#33
I chose maybe.

I would get them on Vita, but only if I can spend the same amount (or less) as the PS3 collection.

I would consider getting X-2 at $30 only because I've never played it, but I never liked X enough to spend $40 on it again.
XBL / PSN: BahamutBBob

User Info: USF

4 years ago#34
Pass, I thought the game was crap. I enjoyed 6, 7, 8, and 9 way more.
Because the door was open. Blue skies.
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User Info: blackwaltz3

4 years ago#35
I will get it day 1
Trying is the first step towards failure.
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User Info: Nextgengamer666

4 years ago#36
Day 1.
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Awaiting: Injustice: Gods Among Us, The Last of Us, GTA V, FFX/X-2 Remaster
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