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Batman Arkham City vs Infamous 2

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User Info: DelsinRowe

4 years ago#31
ThePuddingMan posted...
Batman: Arkham City, by far.

I just can't get into the inFamous games.. 1 or 2. Just feels repetitive and dull. Plus the story kind of sucks. I really consider it a B series.

How far did you get through inFAMOUS 1? A lot of people quit before it gets much more interesting, so they think its dull the whole game. This might be your problem.
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User Info: NessaJ_TuN

4 years ago#32
The next battle will be Infamous Second Son vs Batman Arkham Origins for best superhero game. This will be interesting, but Rocksteady will not make the next Batman Arkham games, oh well I really hope it turns out to be good.

User Info: Mrbone5

4 years ago#33
Infamous 2 by far but since this poll is a popularity contest it's no surprise Batman is winning.

User Info: HorrorSindicate

4 years ago#34
Neither is very good but Batman is better.
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User Info: Deimos259

4 years ago#35
inFAMOUS 2. Always and ever.

User Info: Pharsti01

4 years ago#36
Arkham City is a good game, however, im honestly biased, since i really dont like Batman.

Ill have to go with Infamous 2 here.

User Info: brolynick

4 years ago#37
Not a huge fan of Batman, I watched and enjoyed the last 3 movies but didn't really think they were all that great. Never read any of the comics or anything. Then I bought AC because my friend was pressuring me into getting it, and for me it's one of the few rare games that gets a score higher than 9/10. Story, gameplay, graphics, replayability, everything in that game is just outstanding.

Infamous 2 is good, but doesn't come close to the quality of Batman: AC.
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User Info: _Itachi_Uchiha_

4 years ago#38
Arkham City, but Infamous 2 was also a great game. The choice wasn't tough for me, but its like comparing a 9.5 to a 9.
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User Info: PsychoDrama1

4 years ago#39
Are people really puting down Batman because it's popular? Yuck. Arkham by miles.
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User Info: SaggyMaggie

4 years ago#40
infamous 2... just.
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