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Good Offline Multiplayer RPGs for three people

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User Info: RocketZXblue

4 years ago#11
offline RPGs as in levelling up, looting, etc?
scott pilgrim, 4 player beatemup with levelling up.
Dungeon Hunter Alliance, top-down dungeon crawler with loot and skills and classes<--- closest to gauntlet you'll get really.
Moon Diver, sidescrolling platform with levelling up and CRAZY stage design. it's very entertaining with 2 or more people you can combo magic together and there's a lot of cool magic abilities, mostly blasting the **** out of larger numbers of enemies. DLC character is Broken just wanna say LOL.
for future release there's Dragon's Crown, keep a look out for it in August it's 4P co-op plays a lot like the Capcom D&D games and it looks GORGEOUS.
Also speaking of DIABLO,
Diablo 3 is coming to PS3 with 4p couch co-op.
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#12
Tales games?
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User Info: ThePHiLsTeR

4 years ago#13
bass_god6790 posted...
Champions of Norrath and its sequel Return to Arms. Class based gameplay that really shines with 3-4 players.

Edit: I should add it's for the PS2

This game is GOOOOD. Also balder's gate 1 and 2 are just as good, more of the same. (from same creators and same genre)
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User Info: ShroomsLSD

4 years ago#14
PHEEliNUX posted...
Tales games?

only combat is multiplayer
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