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I find FFXIII repetitive. It's not the linearity bothering me.

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  3. I find FFXIII repetitive. It's not the linearity bothering me.

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#21
Quick, get the paddles!!!


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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#22
What's with the renewed FFXIII hate all of a sudden? (It's one of my top five FF's..)
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User Info: ninjakraken

4 years ago#23
Still__Rippin posted...
echa_One posted...
Billy Trance posted...
echa_One posted...
Billy Trance posted...
different magic, same animation, different colors.

So water balloons are not boobs? What do magic, animations and colors have anything to do with balloons, then? :p

You never tossed a balloon filled with water at someone before? what was your childhood like? Modern warfare 1, Modern warfare 2, and Modern warfare 3? In my childhood with play with real toy guns and water balloon grenades.

Seriously, what does water ballon has anything to do with... FFXIII? Your childhood? How are people supposed to find out the connection between your childhood and FFXIII?

l sort of feel sad that the majority of you either didn't see the connection or when right not animated's sad really.

I was wondering the samething, as soon as TC said "throwing different coloured balloons" I immediately conjured the animations. I didn't like how some characters had really cool weapons but would resort to 'ruin' if you selected auto-battle.
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User Info: Billy Trance

Billy Trance
4 years ago#24
The game is built on combat. From beginning to end, all you do is throw orange water balloons on blue enemies, throw blue water balloons on orange enemies. etc all the way to post game. That's not including all the tedious buffing.

User Info: tiornys

4 years ago#25
If you tone down the hyperbole and make some legitimate points, I might actually take you seriously. As is, I'm going to assume you're one of the numerous people who don't understand FFXIII's combat, and that the repetitive gameplay you're experiencing is the direct result.

Quick hint: if you're staggering everything, you're doing it wrong.
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  3. I find FFXIII repetitive. It's not the linearity bothering me.

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