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Which cancelled Playstation 3 game should have been made?

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User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#61
Yeah Disaster report 4 for sure. It wouldn't matter much though since there is no way in hell it would have made its way over to the states anyway, considering how awful a job they did brining Raw Danger over here.

I mean look at this. I bought this as a joke without realising it was a sequel to Disaster Report (a game i really enjoyed) and i ended up enjoying Raw Danger even more. But just look at that awful box art and the name Raw Danger probably just turned people away.

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#62
brainlack posted...
agrissa posted...
Disaster Report 4! The story behind its cancellation is sad and interesting:

Yeah, it's a Earthquake survival game the was supposed to be released the day before the devastating earthquake in Japan a few years back...

Due to sensitivity of the subject the game was delay indefinitely and ended up being cancelled. This had a huge impact on Irem, the company itself, and now its video game division is dissolved. The producer of the game left the company and started his own studio. The fate of the company and all of its staff involved in the project were changed forever.

There was some fan outcry saying the game should have been released anyways eventually.....but ultimately it did not happen, and will not happen. No one will be able to play this game, which is a shame because it would have been a really unique and fun game.

I bought my ps3 for disaster report but I understand the cancellation and I respected them trivia 2 days before the earthquake the game is a go after the earthquake they happen to trash all their works because they felt that because their game was finish the earthquake happened

Did they actually delete and destroy the game afterwards? I'd like to think that the code is still there somewhere and there is still a thread of hope that the game will see the light of day eventually. In any case this must have sucked so much for every staff that worked on the game....up till the fateful they were still heavily marketing it, with trailers and theme songs and everything. The game would have been the first Disaster Report title for the PS3, the most anticipated and had the highest budget it seemed. Might even have been the best-selling game for the studio. All the money and work put into it down the drain. Sad.

User Info: Gunzleader

4 years ago#63
dirty harry.
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User Info: blackwaltz3

4 years ago#64
Probably Monster Hunter
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