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It's not surprising that people prefer Ascension to DmC.

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User Info: Dref151

4 years ago#31
Sophistication posted...
crazyman32 posted...
Sophistication a.k.a. DPB up to his usual dumb shtick .

Nobody cares that "YOU" think I'm DPB, Bernadette. I, and many others, know I'm not... As I've said, if you knew him. Like truly knew him -- You'd know his youtube channel. You don't, so that right there tells me all I need in not bothering to rebuke your petty allegations.

. But once again I care about his opinion, and I will read and listen to it again someday, where ever these boards take me. But i would like to hear a rebuke, simply because you clearly have one, correct?

User Info: Video_Game_Czar

4 years ago#32
EDIT: Meant to freakin' edit that, Thanks Obama!

DmC is way better then Ascension. Ascension was easily one of the laziest cash in sequels I've ever played...and looking at how breath taking, epic and down right ******* fun God of War II and God of War III were; Ascension was a joke. The puzzles were the best part of it...The puzzles! The boss fights were forgettable, combat was a downgrade, Sound and graphics bugs and a hamfisted online mode...then we have the story...TV ad told a better story. Where was the heartfelt story of a father? His descent into madness?

I judge Ascension based on what Sony Santa Monica can do and has done and in that light DmC was a pretty okay game. It was a fun beat'em...and in that kind of game I don't care about a story...It was awful, But how many games with Capcom on the game case have a "good story"? It was Ninja Theory best game...Hell, Might be their last. Thats not saying alot...But I had a good time with the game. Ninja Theory is also a no namer in the big world of gaming...They're an opening act at best. That band that the main act felt sorry for while a team like Santa Monica is freaking Queen...Only this time Freddie Mercury was dead and the rest of the band was replaced by guinea pigs.
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User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#33
DevilTears604 posted...
Y'know, for a guy named Sophistication, you're not really acting very....sophisticated.

Trust me on this, man, you'd have more luck trying to break your way out of a room made with 10-foot-thick steel walls with your bare hands than trying to get anywhere with him. I don't often go "It's useless - he's thick-headed" but this is one of those times. Just don't respond to him, or put him on ignore, or something - he craves any attention you give him, positive or negative.
You ever meet one of those Don Quixote types and just wonder "What the hell are they thinking?"

User Info: wstfld

4 years ago#34
Of course. Super popular exclusive, or third party game that pissed off it's weeabo fan base? DmC is definitely the better game. Beat it twice in a row and still haven't beat ascension yet.
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