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So how do people deal with a ridiculous backlog of video games?

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User Info: Purification

4 years ago#131
CooperRC posted...
Solution: Do not buy a new system until you play your collection. Skip the PS4 - 6 if you have to.

I'll probably skip the PS4 unless a game for it comes out that is a must-play for me (anything from a particular series I'm heavy into, especially SMT).

Find it amusing how you said PS4-6 though.....wonder how it's gonna be like by the time the "PS6" comes around...
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User Info: PresidentPanda

4 years ago#132
Purification posted...
PresidentPanda posted...
Only 200 games? I have 960-980 games left uncompleted. Please tell me there is someone around here with a larger backlog. Part of me is a collector though.

Well, the good part is I'm never bored. The bad part is I'm still buying more. (Though I've gotten better.) I'm trying to go back and beat some of the games I've had for close to a decade. It's kind of sad that I've had Dragon Warrior 3 eight years, Tales of Symphonia close to seven years and Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Or whatever the second one is called.) about seven and a half years and I haven't beaten any of them. (Though I am working on DW 3. Those other two I'll probably wonder "Where the hell did I leave off?") I have quite a few other RPGs in my backlog as well.

Well...over 900? That's a first I've heard....

Do ever think you'll get around to playing all of them?

Well I've played the majority of them at least briefly. Completing to 100% is a whole different story. Some of them probably aren't worth the effort, but I still try.
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User Info: bigybri

4 years ago#133
TC, 200 games is an overwhelming backlog. I'd agree with the majority of the board: don't buy a next gen system: PS4/ Next Box. Thank goodness for Amazon, if you sell your games at a high after you complete them your inventory will be manageable in just a couple years (a cosmic second). Right now NGC games (first party) are appreciating rapidly in value. So start to finish those first.
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User Info: coldwine

4 years ago#134
I lost track years ago, but I have well over 200... I try to limit game purchases to $10-15, but even at reduced rates it's wasteful.
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User Info: Superfly Jo Jo

Superfly Jo Jo
4 years ago#135
Stop buying games and start playing them. Problem solved.
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User Info: bigybri

4 years ago#136
coldwine posted...
I lost track years ago, but I have well over 200... I try to limit game purchases to $10-15, but even at reduced rates it's wasteful.

I'd agree buying new games with a backlog can seem wasteful, but your money is just in a puzzle box rather than in the bank. Any hobby: reading, music, movies, gym membership, comics, baseball cards adds up after a while.

Like my previous message "thank goodness for Amazon", I've sold my entire NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Dreamcast, Saturn, GBC, and a majority of my PS1 and PS2 collections for an average of 80% of what I paid for them.

I've never regretted liquidating my collection either though Gamestop, 2nd hand stores, friends or Amazon. It's tempting to think that the longer a collector holds on to their collection, the more it appreciates. That's not true: look at "Crono Trigger", "Castlevania: SofN", "ICO", "Zelda: OoT", "FFVII", "Marvel vs Capcom 2", all these games were worth more 5 years ago then they are today because they were re released.

On topic, games in my backlog, 50 or so. "Portal 1 and 2", "Bayonetta", "Dungeon Seige III", "Shadows of the Damned".
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User Info: Willie_Makeit

4 years ago#137
Don't be OCD like the rest of the people on here and just do the main quests. Don't worry about the sidequests and all that junk. That's pretty much what I do. Most of the time sidequests are pretty useless and just for killing time in most cases anyway. Unless you can get an uber powerful weapon, or something.

User Info: Sighto

4 years ago#138
Purification posted...
Actually, all my leisure time IS spent on playing them. As I said, I play games very...slowly, one RPG, I played it over the course of a year while playing other stuff and eventually finished it at 160 hour count. And might I say, it's one of my favorite games.

So you're just replaying games too much? You shouldn't be building up that big of a backlog if you're playing 70-100 hours a week.

User Info: EventualDecline

4 years ago#139
TGAkuma posted...Most stupid post of the year award right here.

So because the TC and most of the rest of the people posting in this thread apparently have some severe OCD issues and probably a host of other "problems" to say the least, and I give some logical, well reasoned advice helping these poor saps out, that means that my post is "stupid?" That's a good one.

I love how I'm literally the only person in this thread who's pointing out how silly it is that the TC only plays RPG's, and he has a backlog of 200 of them that he actually intends to play, and he also admits that he takes about 1 year to complete a game. And everyone is replying to this by agreeing with everything he's saying and finding no problems with anything in his posts. I find that disturbing, to say the least. Terrifying even. Oh gamefaqs, what is wrong with you exactly? And *my* post is the stupid one. That's cute.

And what exactly in my post is incorrect, thus making it stupid? Please do tell.

PS. I'll respond to the TC's response to me later....
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