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Why do some people hate on trophies so much?

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User Info: Sum_quod_eris

4 years ago#31
People sure do throw the word "hate" around a lot these days.

I'm not sure any of them even knows what it means anymore.
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User Info: War_Fail

4 years ago#32
Still__Rippin posted...
Because they lead sad insignificant lives and have nothing better to do and also play all games on easy and used to lie about it but now they can't.

Real reason right here. People can't bulls*** about beating a game on hard if you can look at their profile and see that they don't have the trophy.
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User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#33
People hate everything. Don't let it get to you.

User Info: CaptainLuka

4 years ago#34
I enjoy trophies because they allow me and my friends to track each other's progress. They also give me an extra burst of inspiration to possibly do something I wouldn't have thought of in a game.

While I don't obsess over them, I can see their benefits. On the flip, I could also enjoy disabling them on a game I don't care about or a game I want to play through with no trophies on my mind.
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User Info: PringerX

4 years ago#35
From: Syko_Darksyde | #001
he considers them part of the game

There's nothing to "consider" there. I would love to see someone argue otherwise. Also, you will see that the reasons people come up with for supposedly not liking trophies are stupid or just don't make any sense. It only took three posts here before someone complained that trophies have replaced "unlockables" and destroyed cheats. Meanwhile there are games that incorporate all these elements. Even if one developer were to come out and say that they didn't include any "unlockables" in their game because they felt trophies were enough, that would just be one developer choosing their path. It wouldn't be the fault of trophies.

Let's face reality. Playing a PS2 game without any trophies is basically the same thing as playing a PS3 game with trophies. The only real difference you could say is that with trophies, other people can see what you have or haven't done. So if someone truly does dislike trophies, that's what they're disliking. And of course, that's just people being insecure. Otherwise there would be no reason to dislike or even care that someone else can see exactly what you've done or haven't done in your games. Anyone that actually likes video games won't have a problem with trophies, because everyone is playing their games to complete certain objectives. A game simply offering more objectives would never bother a gamer.

User Info: uNc0nTr011aB13

4 years ago#36
kingrat2314 posted...
Because they get angry at people who enjoy things that they don't, and they can't have that.
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User Info: QwelzaarKane

4 years ago#37
Because they destroy immersion and remind me that this generation is full of half-witted sore losers.

User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#38
Syko_Darksyde posted...
SmoshCuch posted...
Because in many cases, it has replaced in-game unlockables that were actually useful.

It is also part of the reason why cheats and d/l saves are no longer allowed.

I don't hate on trophies or anyone who enjoys them, but I would like the ability to opt out of trophies and use d/l saves again.

That is at least part of the reason, anyway.

I guess that's kind of true. There should be a 'disable trophies' function. I hate seeing 0%, 1% next to games I only played once. Of coarse I'm not going to bother getting those games just to change that (although I am tempted, kind of OCD about that, I'd rather have 40-50% than nothing / little at all)

This is not true.

-You can use another person's save file. You just won't be able to get trophies. Exactly what these people want.
The exception is games with Copy-Protected save files, which existed in PS2 Era too, and there are tons of games with trophies that are not Copy-Protected, and many games without trophies that are Copy-Protected.
So trophies are not responsible for them.

-Trophies are not part of the reason cheats/unlockables do not exist.
Many games with cheats exist that disable trophies when used, and tons of games with unlockables exist that have trophies.

So, yes @SmoshCuch, you can have what you want.
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User Info: sethharris1191

4 years ago#39
VIIVincent posted...
people hate Trophies? really?

Trophies dont affect gameplay whatsoever. people.

Then why do most people on this site refuse to play games from early in the PS3's life cycle before trophies were implemented?

User Info: TheRavenKC

4 years ago#40
Because other people like them. Play Like A Raven
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