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I really wish I could understand all the love Dark Souls gets.

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User Info: Chr0noid

4 years ago#1
I played both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls and it just....didn't click with me. It's basically Dungeon Crawling: The Game. Take any JRPG, subtract all the fun character interaction, town exploration, and RAMP UP THE ARTIFICIAL DIFFICULTY and it feels like that's Dark Souls in a nutshell. The game itself prides on killing you over and over but I never liked that aspect.

I've been gaming since 1991 (give or take a year maybe) and not once did I say to myself while playing a video game: Hmm....I'm not dying enough! NEED MORE CHALLENGE/FREQUENT DEATHS.

And even if Dark Souls isn't legitimately difficult it still doesn't change that the game is trying desperately to sell you on said difficulty. Maybe I just prefer more....eclectic quality in my video games. I dunno...
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User Info: SoaringDive

4 years ago#2
Why are you comparing Dark Souls to a JRPG? They're completely different genres. It's like comparing Metroid Prime to Call of Duty.

Anyways, you actually don't die very much in DS/DkS. It just that dying is actually important and has actually risks involved, so you think that you're dying more in these games than you actually are. I died many more times in Uncharted 2 than I did all of Dark Souls.

We like these games because it treats us like adults, like games rated M should. It doesn't pamper you and say "good try! Here, let me respawn you 30 seconds before! Are you dying too much? Try easy mode!"

And where do you get the "artificial difficulty" idea from? Having actual levels, rather than small individual, lackluster firefights be the main design? In the games, you have to overcome the level, not 3 people in a room. And enemies actually do almost no damage compared to games like Call of Duty, so I really don't get why everyone thinks all you do is die...
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User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#3
I like collecting stuff in RPGs. Dark Souls lets you do that, and has some interesting and dynamic methods for collecting cool stuff that make the process more interesting, and in some cases involve different strategies for approaching a given battle.

The traps are fun to me, because I like trying to "Outsmart" the game and not fall for them. See if I can figure them out in advance and avoid them. They do a great job of giving you subtle clues in most cases. When I do get tricked though, it's kind of like...enjoying the fact that I got tricked by something that in hindsight is really damn obvious. The game's trolling me, and that kind of game play is a throwback to how games used to be in the past, and it's somewhat nostalgic. I honestly get a kick out of seeing some of the traps and the creative methods enemies use to try and kill me.

Dying really doesn't bother me, because I'm not really losing any progress when I do. I get to keep all my items no matter what, and I get a second chance to recover my souls and humanity. They also give me access to those Rings of Sacrifice very early in the game, so that I have yet another lifeline to avoid losing progress. Walking from place to play using the checkpoints isn't annoying or tedious to me, because retracing my steps is easy because I've already been through it and know exactly what to expect.

There's a ton of cool stuff you can find by exploring, which is part of the fun. You go off and explore places that aren't necessarily on your way, and you can find really great hidden loot, shops, and places of interest with more hidden loot and shops. You don't need town exploration when you have full world exploration, when you get pretty much the same thing in an open world with multiple layers and paths.
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User Info: thaininja

4 years ago#4
the way dark souls uses death is what makes it interesting, all your fights matter you cant run through the game mindlessly. and when you pass an area you feel like a god

and when you die you hav a chance to recover your exp,

the game has some gabling to it, should you move forward and risk death or go back and save

User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#5
Dragon's Lair
Shiren the Wanderer
Knight's Field

User Info: LordOfCinder

4 years ago#6
Fo_Fai posted...

Stopped reading right there, sorry.

There is no such thing as "artificial difficulty", pal. You make a mistake, you die, it's that simple. Why people can't understand this concept, I have no idea. Yeah, I admit it can be unfair at times, but nothing about it is impossible to overcome. You only die so much because you have no idea how to deal with certain types of enemies or traps. As you learn more about the game and the enemies, the game becomes easier and you die less. Once you completely master the game, you can steamroll the entire game in a few hours without even dying a single time. Knowledge really is the key to playing this game more than leveling your character up.

I've played games from this gen where you can actually die faster than you die in Dark Souls, in even unfairer ways, so yeah, I still don't get all the complaints about this game's difficulty. It's actually fairer than most games I've ever played, as it rewards you for your skill rather than your level or gear.

But to get back to you on your question, I also love the game because of its deep lore, the variety of environments and enemies, the boss fights, the great soundtrack, the vast exploration and deep character customization. It's more than just the difficulty for me. The difficulty was never actually the main reason I like it, but I definitely love how the game rewards skill rather than just allowing you to create a disgustingly overpowered character that can never be killed by anything with such ease.
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User Info: bigjig777

4 years ago#7
If Dark Souls isn't "legitimately difficult," what game is?
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User Info: MaxP188

4 years ago#8
I played demons souls for 100+ hrs and bought dark souls but haven't played it since I bought it long ago. Demon souls was cool but dark souls isn't clicking for me either.
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User Info: DevilTears604

4 years ago#9
I tried to like Dark Souls, but that's just not the game experience I'm interested in. Dying over and over again just becomes very frustrating to me. I mean, I can see that it's a great game and those mechanics work very well for some people, but it just didn't click for me.
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User Info: Fiery101

4 years ago#10
I think you need to stop considering Dark Souls as an RPG. Think of it more like a difficult Action-Adventure game with RPG elements. It is closer to Zelda than it is a traditional RPG.

A lot of gamers are turned off by easy gameplay, and the dark series gives a sense of accomplishment by beating it. That is a legitimate reason.
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  3. I really wish I could understand all the love Dark Souls gets.

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