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RE sale Poll, what is worth it?

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User Info: sevil_yelims

4 years ago#21
Yeah, those restrictions can be a pain. There's no endless amount of weapons and items to pick up. And when you die you go back to your last saved spot.

Part of the classic survival horror experience was being strategic with when you saved and what you collected. Horror games these days go easier on players so when they die they return to the last auto-saved checkpoint and when collecting they pick up everything so there's no need to backtrack.
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User Info: Spartan718

4 years ago#22
Think I am going to have to get RE6 for $15 seems like a no brainer
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User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#23
Spartan718 posted...
Think I am going to have to get RE6 for $15 seems like a no brainer

Yeah that is a cheap price for it.
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User Info: deathslove

4 years ago#24
Well I do have 2 move controllers and someone to play with so I am thinking about UC or DSC. Not sure about the others yet.

My input on the sale: I already played 1-3 and totally worth it, especially on sale if some of you have not played it yet or have a scratched disc version. RE5:Gold is worth it at that price also IMO especially if you have someone to play with.
ORC....well only if you want it for the online play, don't get it if you are a single player only kind of guy.

User Info: OoSubaruoO

4 years ago#25
Resident Evil 4, one of the best REs to date imo.

User Info: notrandom

4 years ago#26
RE6 at that price is worth it, it might not be a good RE game or even a decent one but it is a fun game if you can stomach the QTE.

RE4 is definitely worth it.

Not sure about CVX, I'll probably pick that one up myself as it is probably the only one I haven't played.
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User Info: deathslove

4 years ago#27
Bump for more votes
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