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I honestly kind of hate Dark Souls...

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User Info: jimihendrixfrk

4 years ago#31
Alltra posted...
Now, you wanna see atmospheric, send my ass to Valley of Defilement any day. That place was great. Almost complete silence, minus the faint sounds of life, coupled with a darkness that just made things scary as hell, and the fact that your movement was restricted. That has to be my favorite part of Demon's Souls by far.

Dark Souls one-upped that experience with the Tomb of Giants though. There is nothing more atmospheric or intense as trying to navigate through ToG using only the light of prism stones and the faint glow of eyes to guide you.

Wow, we have opposite opinions lol! I think VoD and ToG are my least favorite areas of both games. Combining no swamp maneuverability with an enemy with a large attack radius was pretty lame. I also encountered multiple glitches in VoD and very few anywhere else. ToG was worse. No maneuverability due to ledges, large attack area enemy (not to mention massively inflated health), and almost no visibility? No thanks.

On a side note, why weren't the skeletons in ToG weak to fire? I remember doing more damage with regular arrows than fire It's universal that skeletons should be weak to fire...
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User Info: peter_888

4 years ago#32
well I do like Demon`s souls better than dark souls
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User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#33
demons souls is the better game
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