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I LOL @ Used game Sales

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User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#21
"people are most likely using games for their intended purpose."

most likely? ha ha!
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User Info: Cloudisthebest

4 years ago#22
ElBorak77 posted...
"people are most likely using games for their intended purpose."

most likely? ha ha!

I meant as far as playing them- putting them in a (relatively) safe place and not the toaster, or using the disc as a coaster. I just rhymed. I love pain meds. I had a tooth pulled and now morphine is my friend.

The point is, if you don't like the look of the case/disc/manual, you can easily find another one in better shape. If you're buying online (I only buy from Amazon), then pick a seller with a lot of feedback, with at least 90% positive.
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User Info: mooooo99

4 years ago#23
i do the same. i rarely purchase games day one unless im really looking forward to it.
the majority of the time i wait a few months (i have quite a backlog to work through so this isnt an issue for me..) for a decent price drop and normally pick up a new copy for about 20-30 on amazon.
the local videogame retailers where i live charge terribly high prices for games that are either used, very old or both.
why bother with these stores when you can wait a few months and pick it up from amazon or your preferred online retailer for almost half the cost.

User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#24
this shows you don't know what you're talking about. the longer a game is out the lower the price is versus new. many of gstop's used games are a great deal.
Not at all... Old NEW game for 19.99 will be 14.99 or 17.99...
You don't know how to shop.
Back in the day it was better, and was great for hard to find games. But today it's a mess of a industry. Buying online is the way to go.

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 years ago#25
I bought used games recently and they were $4.99 and $2.49. Not every used game is $5 less than the full price, and I've never seen a used game that was -more- than the full price.
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User Info: ThePCElitist

4 years ago#26
Oh, I'm glad you cleared this up TC. I'm going to buy a new copy of FFVII instead of used!

Look what happens to game prices after 15-20 years for "new" copies. If you want used games banned then expect to pay these prices you jack ***.
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User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#27
MrSmadSmartAlex posted...
king_madden posted...
oh no, when I say gamer like me I mean a person who doesnt keep games long. all of these games were around $50 when I bought them, played crysis and NNK for less than 5 days, didnt like them so took them back and got my money back. Tomb Raider I actually liked and beat it, played a little extra and returned on the 7th day and got my money back, the show I usually keep for a year, so I bought that, used a $10 off coupon that I earned with the gamestop points and got it for $45, well it was like $43 and some change.

as others have stated though, it is best to wait if you are buying a game you know you will like and want to keep.

Well okay, your system seems to work for you, but it was pretty misleading of you to say you bought those 4 games a week or two after release for $45 total. For people who want to keep their games, Gamestop's used prices generally stink, and Amazon usually has better deals on new copies (which also keep going down in price over time).

Amazon's prices on everything fluctuate. It might be lower today and tomorrow, but 2 days from now it will have gone back up.
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User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#28
MrSmadSmartAlex posted...
king_madden posted...
lol someone isnt a smart consumer.

How is it smart to spend more money on a used copy that's plastered in unspeakable filth than a new copy? Yeah, somebody isn't a smart consumer, and it's not TC.

were are u from ,in vancouver any used games from eb games or bestbuy are all in mint condition .bestbuy wont even take the game if it has no manual.Plus most used games i buy are say new $ 39 used $24 and that ads up in our society.
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User Info: Briankbl

4 years ago#29
Jx1010 posted...
Look at all the PS3 used game sales now on then gamestop too....

I cant believe people spend money on these used games... the prices are usually the same as a Brand New game on Sale at Best Buy or Amazon

Some new games are even cheaper at Amazon or Best Buy...

If its not about saving money, which clearly isnt... then why spend more for used games? lol

This is just one example. Don't feel like wasting any more of my time, so here:

Resident Evil 6 - PS3 - Used
Amazon - around $20 plus shipping
Best Buy - around $24 plus shipping
Gamestop - around $28 plus shipping

GameFly - $13.89 and free shipping, along with new case and unused documentation, meaning Online Pass codes and DLC codes that are still redeemable.

As you can see, your topic is sooooooooooooooo off the mark.
"A game's worth is not measured by it's replay-value, nor it's length, but by the quality of the experience you had while playing."

User Info: xChaosLordx

4 years ago#30
In all seriousness a used copy of a newer game (released in the last couple months) is usually within $5 or less of the price of a brand new copy, and you are at least guaranteed a box + instruction manual. Buy a used game and they might just hand you a disk inside of a paper sleeve. The box and manual is worth $5 to me.
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