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when was the last time you went "Kratos" in a game?

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User Info: lebronwadebosh

4 years ago#1
lol .when was the last time you raged in a game out of frustration?. what game was it and what did you do out of your rage?

i was playing Bioshock Infinite on 1999 mode..that Lady Comstock boss fight was so hard .. gave up and searched youtube for a guide xD... i literally punched the wall but i made sure it was weak enough so that i don't break my arm LOL .hurts a bit though ...
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User Info: evilabed

4 years ago#2
Playing jak 2 hd right now. It's not hard, just very frustrating. Thats made me kratos a few times right now, much to my younger brothers amusement.

User Info: koalabear9000

4 years ago#3
When I was trying to get Gold Prizes on every stage in Catherines hard mode. I spend maybe two or three hours trying to beat 9-5 stage and when I finally finished it I got only silver prize. I might have yelled some profanities at that moment.

User Info: ShockG707

4 years ago#4
Dishonored final stages. Made my way through 95% of the game not killing a soul. Snapped due to the over saturation of enemies on the stage. Killed everything that moved and cared less about ruining my no kill completion I had worked so hard to get.

User Info: uNc0nTr011aB13

4 years ago#5
Red Faction Guerrilla 2:05 Transporter pro time. You literally have to make no mistakes and pray you brake quick enough or you'll never make it. My best is 2:08 seconds and I almost busted my controller.
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Take the idiot test; read line above for instructions.

User Info: Solid_PW

4 years ago#6
S-Ranking the optional subweapon fight in R-04 of MGR. I wasted more than an hour trying to no damage it when I went, "F this S".

The next day, I found out that you didn't have to no damage it.
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User Info: legendofskyland

4 years ago#7
Currently playing Spec Ops: The Line on FUBAR difficulty, I've got 3 chapters to go but let's just say i came close to throwing my controller across the room. Especially at the beginning of "The Pit" chapter.

User Info: Madridiq8e

4 years ago#8
God of War 3 playing the Challenges of the Gods, the one where you have to get stoned by Medusa 10 times and break out of it ...
that challenge is just .... just .... annoying


4 years ago#9
Anytime I play BO2 because the ridiculous amount of lag screws me over
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User Info: fallenswords

4 years ago#10
that guy in Yakuza with the guns... f*** that guy and his cheap stunlocking ass...
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