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Video Game Death Match 4!: Dante vs Kratos

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User Info: KDogg1800

4 years ago#21
Don't forget...Kratos beat Titans. I'm just saying. Kratos easily....

User Info: TheGreenRobin

4 years ago#22
Dante. Is this even a contest. Kratos has nothing going for him except exceptional combat skills and brute strength. He;s also not very intelligent.

Dante could turn half demon and kill him. That's because Dante is half demon. Also, Dante can fly. Also, Dante possesses many more weapons. Also, Dante doesn't really feel pain and is basically immortal (DMC3 for example, he was shot in the head point blank, stabbed through the chest with a Demon Sword and had his body stabbed with about 6 scythes yet continued to heed no attention andeat some more pizza).

Dante is also alot faster than Kratos with his crazy movement.

There is almost no way Dante could lose. Sure, there are Gods in God of War. But the Gods in God of War almost, ALMOST pale in comparison to the stuff Dante has beaten including Nightmare, Mundus (was THE KING OF HELL which is basically GOD. Not A god. THE GOD OF HELL. THE KING OF HELL!), Cerberus, Beowulf (who fought on par with Dantes dad who was the most powerful demon that ever lived), his own brother who was a master swordsman and commanded an army of demons and some other crap.

The God of War Gods usually have one ability for them. Poseidon had his water horses, Hercules was nothing but brute strength etc. Dante could easily beat all of them.

You know it's true.
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User Info: mad_hax_man

4 years ago#23
Gingarito posted...
kupo1705 posted...
How is this even a question?
In what possible situation could Kratos beat Dante?

Think of any possible situation in your head now and kratos wins thats how.

Bayonetta punches Dante into the sun before the fight?
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User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#24
These topics are stupid. What's the point in a Vs topic with no ground rules? Without details on the location and situation this becomes a flamebait popularity contest.

Where are Dante & Kratos fighting? Which (old) Dante are we talking about, young DMC3 Dante or matured DMC4 Dante? Which version of Kratos is fighting? What weapons/magic are allowed or excluded? Is Kratos allowed to return from Hades if he dies? In fact, if either of the characters die do they go to Hades or Hell?

This whole discussion is irrelevant unless you provide a format to the fight.
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User Info: psprulz2007

4 years ago#25
Dante (old) my be a badass. But seriously anybody who votes Dante over Kratos are just delusional.
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User Info: DocDelicious

4 years ago#26
Kratos is a b****.
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User Info: NuuType

4 years ago#27
TheGreenRobin posted...
Beowulf (who fought on par with Dantes dad who was the most powerful demon that ever lived)

i forgot what a beast beowulf was.
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User Info: arclouks_x

4 years ago#28
dante is immortal as f... and much more skilled than kratos so dante.
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User Info: roxas9001

4 years ago#29
Funfact: Kratos needs help in order to return from Hades.
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User Info: fhsfootball74

4 years ago#30
Dante will win on this board because Japan.
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