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I hope Capcom continues to expand the Dragon's Dogma IP

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  3. I hope Capcom continues to expand the Dragon's Dogma IP

User Info: Jahkeemyork

4 years ago#1
Not so Capcom can endorse more seperate disc release (Which they prorbably already known from UMVC3 sales ect)

But honestly with enough polish, and it seems the DD team is taking criticism to heart. (They did give out infinite port crystals and more fast travel options in Dark Arisen, still no Pawn voice off option :|) I think Dragons Dogma really has potential to become Capcom's first new IP that can hit it off big.

I think Capcom see's that potential in it as a full fledge IP as well with the fact the first tech demo they show off for the PS4 was based off of Dragon's Dogma then say like Resident Evil or Street Fighter. I think they want to establish Dragon's Dogma as another big franchise they can ride off of.

The game had some pretty jarring flaws but at the same time it was a very fun game, with amazingly well thought out designs and mixed the best things about multiple games into one.

Here's hoping Deep Down (if it gets revealed as Dragon's Dogma 2) has a high chance of pushing another new game series into into success..

User Info: Dicer7

4 years ago#2
Dragon's Dogma really is one of the best games Capcom has put out in a while. I can see it potentially becoming their Monster Hunter for the west if they can take proper care of it. Looking forward to what Itsuno and his team will be able to do with the next gen consoles.

Oh and Deep Down was pretty much confirmed to be another totally new IP. So we'll be seeing Dragon's Dogma 2 and Deep Down next gen.

I'm glad Capcom is realizing how bad it is for them to rely on RE and SF so much. Hopefully other companies will follow suit and push for new IPs in the next gen.

User Info: Kira0987

4 years ago#3
Honestly DD looked pretty good, but the lack of multiplayer really killed it for me. If you could have at least had one friend join your game it would have really been great.
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User Info: Eternal_Strike

4 years ago#4
was hoping for a super version with online but capcom doesn't learn.

User Info: ShockG707

4 years ago#5
Only game out of thousands to give me a corrupted save file. This is my problem with Dragons Dogma.

User Info: StarBladeEdge

4 years ago#6
ShockG707 posted...
Only game out of thousands to give me a corrupted save file. This is my problem with Dragons Dogma.

and your problem alone. try to learn how to save next time . you probably shut off your system while it's still saving.......
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User Info: jammies

4 years ago#7
Only game I've put over 150 hours in this gen. That was when it came out too, and now I need to get Dark Arisen sometime.
I really enjoyed Lost Planet when it came out too.
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User Info: Alky88

4 years ago#8
Lol, Deep Down is not a new IP and if it really is it's a spiritual successor of Dragon's Dogma and we won't see a second one.
Just watch the trailer and tell me you don't see a silent protagonist (the Arisen) with 2 pawns fighting a dragon. It's way too similar and Deep Down is not even the final title.
Companies lie all the time to keep things secret (in this case they didn't want to announce a DD2 with Dark Arisen not released). Square-Enix did the same with FFXIV by calling it project "Rapture" and saying that it wasn't going to be a FF game.
Or more recently Kojima and his Phantom Pain.
Deep Down is Dragon's Dogma 2 or a spiritual successor like Dark Souls was to Demon's.
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User Info: GeassMaster

4 years ago#9
They'll probably just be dumb and make it exclusive to Xbox and lose the majority of it's Japanese audience. Capcom would do it too. They hate Sony.
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User Info: howdyneighbor25

4 years ago#10
give us a loli pawn filter and id buy the new games
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