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Bioshock or Uncharted?

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User Info: Raiderfan815

4 years ago#1
I've been looking to get into a new series recently and these two greatly interest me. I was curious which you guys would recommend playing.

User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Irony

4 years ago#3
Flip a coin
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User Info: SpikeSpiegel

4 years ago#4
Flip a coin

Winner first, loser second. But play both series.
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User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#5
Uncharted but,I would get Bioshock soon after your beat those games.They are both very different franchises but,both are great in their own way.
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User Info: Varron

4 years ago#6
As a fan of both series, get BioShock first.
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User Info: metfan57

4 years ago#7
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User Info: este914

4 years ago#8
Bioshock EASILY
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User Info: L0Z

4 years ago#9
The bird or the cage?
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User Info: albanianx1

4 years ago#10
Get both. Once you're done with one, buy the other series. You shouldn't miss out on either series.
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