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What is a gaming "statement" you will never agree with?

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  3. What is a gaming "statement" you will never agree with?

User Info: MisterX867

4 years ago#1
I for one will never agree that Jak 2 is the best of the Jak and Daxter trilogy. I think it's god-awful compared to the other 2 games
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User Info: theatrical_cat

4 years ago#2
That some games are good because they're an "experince". It's bulls*** because that means the only way I can enjoy the game is to experience it the exact same way everyone else does, and screw that, I'll play how I want. If the game sucks because of that, then guess what? The game sucks.
In 1984, I was hospitalized for approaching perfection.

User Info: calhoun1389

4 years ago#3
"Ultra realistic, HD graphics are just as important, if not more so than gameplay."
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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

4 years ago#4
This idea that announcing DLC before release makes a game worth buying on release. I've heard it a few times and I don't get it.

User Info: DBN_Stealth

4 years ago#5
that final fantasy VII is the best final fantasy

User Info: MisterX867

4 years ago#6
I'd also like to add that I don't agree with the whole "Inverted controls are better" or the approval of on disc dlc for god knows what reason some gamers approve of it.
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#7
"Single player experiences don't last."
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#8
The idea that store exclusive DLC, disc locked content, online passes, DRM and limited time only DLC is a good thing....

The idea that "It makes more sense for us to put this engagingly long 50 hour RPG on a handheld, thus gimping it's potential vision and ingenuity, rather than a full blown console is a good idea...

The idea that "let's just go half ass on single player content because people will buy our multiplayer content even though eventually the servers will die but hey we got their money by then" and "Let's tack on this shallow ass multiplayer to help push the game but then put less emphasis on making the main section of the game good then" is a good idea....

The idea that "let's just put static 2D character portraits that don't animate instead of trying to make them animate or use 3D character models that can look just as good as the 2D if done right" is a good idea...

User Info: Godly_Goof

4 years ago#9
That FF7 is the best FF game.
That ultra realistic graphics are creative.
That each CoD feels like a new game.
That used games hurt the industry.
That Digital Downloads are the way of the future.
That DLC is "left out content".
That Dark Souls is hard.
I still don't believe most people on gamefaqs are even gamers. Just assuming they are embodiments of hate and stupidity taking digital form.

User Info: ICO41126

4 years ago#10
That allowing the player to choose the game's difficulty is inherently harmful to the gaming industry as a whole. Game developers needs to be more inclusive if they want their creations to be seen as works of art rather than disposable entertainment. End of story.
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  3. What is a gaming "statement" you will never agree with?

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