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Were there games you were scared of trying out when you were a kid?

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4 years ago#11
The old Resident Evils. I was fresh off of SNES and seeing this type of brutality as a kid freaked me out.

It was even funnier seeing me try to play this as a kid....OMG zombiez....Door open!!!! Open Now!!!!

User Info: digitalwill2000

4 years ago#12
Fatal Frame.

Nowadays I laugh at anyone who actually gets scared of games, mostly because the arent even remotely scary (amnesia)
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User Info: kratosdakota3

4 years ago#13
Soul Reaver and the Odd world games. Still creepy

User Info: theSFfan_1

4 years ago#14
take note that the games don't have to be scary in genre.
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User Info: Cojirosean

4 years ago#15
I think I was about 3 and that bit in Quackshot with the whole Dracula thing scared the hell outta me.
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#16
Silent Hill. I got so scared of the beginning I had it returned. It wasn't a year or so later when I played Resident Evil 3 that I became a survival horror fan.

There was also this Jurassic Park game for the NES and the dinosaur at the beginning always terrified me.
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User Info: Ghetto_ninja

4 years ago#17
Diablo I loved playing it but it was scary I was always uneasy before I went down the well that goddamn butcher was terrifying so early in the game.
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User Info: echa_One

4 years ago#18
Resident Evil 1 - still scared, lol... maybe trauma
Parasite Eve - fortunately finished years later
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User Info: md22mdrx

4 years ago#19
I was never scared of the content .... even as a little kid. I guess the closest was probably Pathways Into Darkness.

What scared me from "trying out" a game? The old D&D games where you had to create your own floppies to play it ... like 8 of them ... I could never get those games to work at all. Still can't even on emulation. Now THAT scared me .... returned Pool of Radiance when I was a kid. Ended up buying a strange game called Taskmaker instead that I absolutely LOVED and played the heck out of.

User Info: Cloudisthebest

4 years ago#20
Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time- when I went into the graveyard, then underneath I panicked and got scared.
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