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Would you play a game that was gay themed?

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User Info: LennyGc

4 years ago#21
toadieman posted...
No, sir I would not.
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User Info: leon_trunks

4 years ago#22
No. Not unless the main char is female, or If there was a straight themed game with nipples, i'd play that instead.
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User Info: Dzaka

4 years ago#23
Depends entirely on what kind of game it was. I'm primarily an RPG freak, so if it looked as if it had a good story, characterization, and/or gameplay, I would probably go for it. I wouldn't play it -because- it was gay-themed/campy, but I would play it to enjoy a decent game.
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User Info: betterboulder

4 years ago#24
Lollipop Chainsaw but with a gay guy as the main character?
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User Info: Madrox23

4 years ago#25
this is ridiculous.
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User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#26
You_Need_A_Life posted...
The Ambiguously Gay Duo: The Gayme

Day 1 pre-order!

After looking at your post here then reading your username it became clear that you have a true understanding of sarcasm. Great post.

As for the topic, i just don't see this being universally accepted. People will talk a good game about being homosexual friendly, but when it comes to sales that's a different story. People won't want it forced on them.

Look at it this way. If the protagonist is gay i wouldn't care UNLESS the game forced scenes on me that might make me uncomfortable. Knowing is enough, needing to know/see more than that might ruin the experience.

It's the same as the regional arguments ... i know where games are developed. I don't need to have it force-fed to me as well. People who force feed you things like these subjects aren't doing it for the betterment of their respective positions, but are doing it for personal reasons that we might not all agree with.
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User Info: demonfang178

4 years ago#27
Zurrur posted...
yes we need boku no pico the game

No. No. Not even as a joke do you mention that. Now people are going to google it.

User Info: GoatJugSoup

4 years ago#28
If the key thing that is supposed to draw you to it is that it is sterotypical gay then probably not.
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User Info: SigmaHaciel

4 years ago#29
So essentially a Suda game? Sure why not.
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User Info: Runner_style

4 years ago#30
Reading the OP I couldn't help but think of Big Gay Al being a protagonist in a game...
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