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maybe rockstar should hire

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User Info: celong27

4 years ago#1
the writer from yakuza series to write the story for gtav considering it has some of the best story in a video game especially yakuza 2.

User Info: boxington

4 years ago#2
The stories in the Yakuza games aren't that good, IMO.

They're full of: long exposition and melodrama. They're sometimes entertaining, but are clearly of anime quality (whether that's a good/ bad thing is up to you), especially with how Kiriyu(?) Is depicted.

User Info: NashtheLion

4 years ago#3
Official Clown that dies at the start of Parasite Eve.
Read. Think. Listen. Shut the hell up.

User Info: SpaceMarineZack

4 years ago#4
twins and rubber bullets for everyone
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