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Who is the toughest video game boss ever? Optional or otherwise?

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User Info: kratosdakota3

4 years ago#171
chaosflame108 posted...
Star Ocean 3/till the end of time: Freya.

Ridiculous amount of HP(something like 60 billion), has a "Good Game" attack that she uses routinely through out the fight, and said attack covers a huge span of the battle map. Jesus. -_________-

Yeah.....this. And that clock tower boss in Kingdom Hearts 1. Stoopid luck

User Info: Zendaik

4 years ago#172
Darksteel Dragon in DQ VIII. He gets 3 turns, has high defense, deals tons of damage, and has a debuff remover skill. I didn't beat him till like a year and a half later. You can trivialize this battle (as well as the other dragon battles) by grinding to level 65 to get Dragon Soul for the Hero, but I didn't know to put skill points into spears to kill Metal Slimes easier/faster to make grinding easier. Managed to beat it without excessive grinding and without Dragon Soul.

Lucifer in Devil Survivor. There's no way to beat him without breaking the game through the Recarm or Tyrant lock tricks because you won't do enough damage (even at lvl 99) to kill him before he Megidoladyne's your ass, and you still have to be very careful and save scum mid-battle to make sure things go your way. Megidoladyne hits all party members no matter where they are on the field, and gets stronger each time he uses it. By the 3rd or 4th time he uses it, you're screwed, so you can't fight him "normally"; there's just no way to do enough damage.
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#173
Kurt Zisa, either difficulty

Youmu (without dying) from TH7(Stage 5), Orin from TH11(Stage 5), Yoshika Miyako (without timing out) from TH13 (Stage 3), Seiga Kaku [and Yoshika Miyako] (without bombing) TH13 (Stage 4).

Mega Man Zero:
Phoenix Magnion (without the Thunder Element) from MMZ2

Mega Man & Bass:
Burner Man

Mega Man X3

Mega Man X5:
Black Devil

Mega Man 1:
Ice Man's stage (not Ice Man himself)
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User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#174
Stopped reading when the abnormal regional mentality started. I do own Nocturne but don't have a 3DS so i couldn't try the game anyways.
She blinded me with region ....
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User Info: silentoverlord

4 years ago#175
As many said before, Demi Fiend (Hito Shura) from Digital Devil Saga 1...
No matter how well prepared you are, how many times you went through your strategy, this dude has a really good chance of killing you.

Honorable mentions: Mysterious Figure in Birth By Sleep, Satan in Digital Devil Saga 2, Lucifer in Devil Survivor, Major Numerus in FFX-2 (without a monster party), Father Rodin in Bayonetta.
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#176
TotA, Nebilim She is impossible to kill on Very Hard because you do 1 damage per hit
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User Info: EricCrapton

4 years ago#177
megamanfan posted...
I saw someone mention Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Still can't get past the first round. I may have to try him again on the Wii tonight.

I was surprised nobody mentioned the clone battle on God Mode in God of War. I spent many an hour trying to defend my family only to see versions of Kratos literally tear my body apart. I gave up and only attempted regular and hard mode on GOW II. GOW III is waiting in the wings...

Both of these were my first choices. I've never beaten Tyson. Not even close. It still blows my mind how tough he was.

The clones in GOW....Good god! I beat Ares on Spartan or God mode, whatever it was, eventually. It topk a while, but I did it. I never even came close to defeating the clones. That battle on the toughest setting is insane.

Also, Ozma from FFIX. It mostly takes luck. I defeated it once, but lost many times, despite being extremely well prepared.

Ruby and Emerald Weapons from FFVII as well. I never really "got" the materia system. I don't know why. Yeah I get it, but I was never able to.exploit it like I've read in the magazines. I never beat those weapons to this day. I know they aren't THAT hard, but I can't do it.

User Info: Somajan

4 years ago#178
Beacon, Gradius V
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User Info: EricCrapton

4 years ago#179
kikobuster posted...
The ladder in MGS3.


User Info: Corey105

4 years ago#180
Well, from Tales of the Abyss, Nebilim. On unknown This is the same game difficulty where you generally can only do one damage to the first boss, and it can take HOURS.
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