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Who is the toughest video game boss ever? Optional or otherwise?

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User Info: CruorComa

4 years ago#251
Probably Kintaro from MKII
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User Info: hurley4

4 years ago#252
Who was the boss in PacMan?
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User Info: green_abobo

4 years ago#253
id have to say the triple threat, @ the end of NES ninja gaiden.

then when you continued, you went all the way back to 6- 1.

those were the days of gaming not being for the squeemish, weak willed, or lazy.

i'll never forget the 1st time I kayoed Tyson in punch out either.


User Info: grungastzenki

4 years ago#254
Insert random JRPG optional super boss here : "_____________"

I really can't decide because i play many RPG and there is many JRPG super boss that i can't beat, usually because i to lazy to grind at that certain games. And many JRPG super boss that i actually beat i have a very hard time defeating it.

As for WRPG i can only think of WoW. But if i can clone myself i am sure i am able to defeat all bosses

Shineboxer posted...


Pick one

Lol other WRPG beside WOW doesn't even have a boss battle unless you call ridiculously pathetic and laughable battle a boss battle. Not only that, almost all W devs can't even make a boss battle.

I can recall Japanesse puzzle games that has something worthy to be called boss battle than 90% of W games

User Info: vorpyl

4 years ago#255
I have the most respect for the bosses of the old games that required repetition and practice. Mike Tyson was one of the toughest, but I did manage to beat him a few times. Lou was a tough final boss on expert GH3. Dark Link in Zelda II. The Dark Queen in Battletoads. Bowser in Super Hard vs mode in Tetris Attack.

As for some of the new games, Ramm solo in the first Gears was tough. Crawmerax definitely belongs on this list.

How about Bo Jackson when he's on the other team in Tecmo Bowl?

It's not really a boss fight, but I'd like to mention Trials HD - Inferno II. I have not been able to finish that one.
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User Info: Megawizard

4 years ago#256
Materia-Keeper posted...
Omega Weapon from Final Fantasy VIII. If you aren't prepared for that battle, hell if you are prepared, it can still be a pain in the ass.

If you ARE prepared you're invincible for 95% of it; heh. There's no way you could burn through 100 Holy Wars and not have killed him by then with that many limit breaks; especially once he's hit with Vit0.
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User Info: Ruff_Puff

4 years ago#257
ValorZrayk posted...
The hardest boss I've fought is The Mysterious Figure from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

Me too, and with Terra it's horrible.
Still, there are probably worse bosses out there.

User Info: donkeyjack

4 years ago#258
FF7's Carry Armor if you're not careful.

User Info: RoguePersona

4 years ago#259
The secret boss in Persona 3 FES without a doubt. Irl it takes 2 weeks to fully prepare... Then you have to fight it. It's not all skill, you HAVE to be lucky too.

User Info: DarkCrusader666

4 years ago#260
The custom tank fight for Peace Walk as very hard.
Custom Peace Walker as very hard as well if you wanted S-ranking.

Silver and Black Dragon from Dragon Quest 8 were hard as hell.
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