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Who is the toughest video game boss ever? Optional or otherwise?

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User Info: Dragoncomet

4 years ago#91
Dark Yabu from Vexx gave me the most trouble to date. It's not an RPG, It's you and your skill level vs dark Yabu, no levels, no strengths or weaknesses, just perfect timing for every move...For me at least....For an RPG it was probably Dullahan of Golden Sun TLA, I've never beaten him normally.
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User Info: Jo_Rock

4 years ago#92
Ethereal Queen in Star Ocean 4 for me
Spent about an hour to beat her
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User Info: CaptainMetMan

4 years ago#93
The hidden boss Ozma in Final Fantasy 9. Have not beaten it to this day.

User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#94
Death in the original Castlevania. His whole level is a boss fight. If you don't make it to him with the Holy Water, you're screwed.
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User Info: Triniuchiha

4 years ago#95
Whitney. Pokemon Gold/Silver. Go in without a hefty level advantage and that milktank will tank the sheet outta you.

User Info: Haviqq

4 years ago#96
When C'Thun was initially reached in WoW he was mathematically unbeatable.

I would also nominate The Sleeper from Everquest.

User Info: locutus442

4 years ago#97
going by what i've played:

elizabeth/theo from persona 3 fes/portable
indalecio/gabriel with his limiter removed from star ocean 2 (to this day i have never beat it without cheating)


TGAkuma posted...
Godly_Goof posted...
Alma comes to mind for sure .

Honestly the boss I always HATED the most though was still Wrecksoul from FF6 SNES because they never told you about the whole spirit possession thing...

Honestly though I'd even say the Flamethrower boss from No More Heroes 2 on the max difficulty. That fight was just ridiculous O_o

That and Elizabeth from P3, needing the second life ability just to START the fight was really dumb never mind how hard the rest of the fight was.

They actually do tell you how to beat Wrexsoul.

you can one-shot wrexsoul by using x-zone.
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User Info: Eureka_Seven_RL

4 years ago#98
I remember the Wild Arms boss being a b****. Quite evolving!

User Info: Kyuubi7

4 years ago#99
Ruby weapon its pretty much. Cloud versus him. And yeah if ur party members are dead you can avoid the tentacle bs for 1 turn. But its better to just have cloud god like farming power sources and so much training goes into just getting the right setup.
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User Info: jonathonriver

4 years ago#100
Lilly Pad - Bayou Billy
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