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Which is worse - FF13 or Ni No Kuni?

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User Info: Bronze_Stuff

4 years ago#31
ninjakraken posted...
Ni No Kuni has arguably more to complain about, but somehow it was way more fun than FF13.

The problems I had with NNK include:
- poor AI (would often end up fighting bosses solo)
- battle music that grates after a while
- lack of voice acting in second half of the game
- story is weaker in second half of the game
- characters under-developed

But despite all this, it was a lot of fun. There is lots of sidequests, a world map, and I love the concept of capturing monsters to use them in battle. I liked it more than capturing monsters in FF13-2. I thought the battles were also fun, just wish there was a bit more variety in animations and magic powers. FF13 just felt shallow in comparison.

All of these apply to FFXIII except the voice acting though.

- AI is bad. All of it.
- Battle music isn't great in FFXIII either.
- there is no lack of VA, but the dialogue is bad though. Far worse than NNK.
- Story is weaker in the second half of FFXIII too. It literally becomes a nonsensical mess.
- Characters are pretty poorly developed in FFXIII too. Sazh and Vanille are about the only ones with actually decent character development, and after the party reunites, it pretty much just drops off the face of the planet for everyone.

User Info: -Zelmor-

4 years ago#32
If FF13 wasn't named "Final Fantasy", it wouldn't have sold more than 100k copies and would be deemed as the worst game ever. Dumb people buying into mainstream crap again.
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User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#33
NNK may have a lot of flaws, but it's still miles ahead of that pathetic excuse for a game called FFXIII.

User Info: Yoshi__Aran

4 years ago#34
Final Fantasy XIII should not even have the right to be called a game with its intense restrictiveness and lite gameplay. FFXIII is like Diet Final Fantasy. Anyhow, ffxiii is one of the very worst games i have ever played.

User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#35
Neither game is that great and I got bored with both of them, but Ni No Kuni at least kept me playing for a little longer.
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User Info: JustForFun1988

4 years ago#36
Both are bad games, but at least NNK is still playable. FF13 is just a POS that is absolutely horrible.
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User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#37
the_requiem posted...
NGd72 posted...
NNK is completely overrated in every sense. The AI is horrendous and a chore

Show me on this Drippy plushy where NNK AI touched you. It is okay, no need to be afraid.

Whenever anyone says "ally AI in NNL is bad" all I read is "I am too lazy to understand how combat ad AI works". I had problems with AI early on but once I figured how it worked, didn't have ANY problems whatsoever.

Back on topic, as someone who liked both NNK and FFXIII, I would say NNK is better. So, I guess, that makes FFXIII worse.

BTW I was totally oblivious to NNK hate. When was it decided that NNK is a terrible game? Must've missed the memo.

it was a little after launch actually. i bought it used from gamestop trying to find a good rpg, i was desperate, took it back a few days later and came to the conclusion that the game was loved mainly because rpgs are fairly dead this gen. if this wouldve come out in ps2 days it wouldnt be top 10 rpg. nothing it did i would consider great.

User Info: pokemon_45_79_1

4 years ago#38
FFXIII, NNK is what FFXIII should be, world map a mix of linear andf non linear areas, not hallway XIII when 95% of the game is linear.

FFXIII was influnced by COD, NNK brought back that 90's FF vibe we had back then, along with DQVIII vibe which is a great game. NNK is miles ahead of trash and hallway XIII.

ANd how it is selling, lvl 5 calls it a success.

ALso to those who think va for every scene is good and NNK lacks.

Lets clue you in, it cost money to do VA thats why NNK is halfed VA and half pop up box, lvl 5 doesn't have the budget for full VA, and looking at Tomb Raider and it cost 100 million to make, because of everything including fully voiced, its going to cut into your profits of said game.

LVL 5 did the right thing to keep cost down so selling 300,000 means profit for them.
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User Info: DemiFist

4 years ago#39
Neither was very good but almost every JRPG is better than FFXIII
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User Info: King_Of_Spam

4 years ago#40
Ni No Kuni, another rubbish game that road on hype.
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