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Metal Gear Solid play order?

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User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#31
Yeah, of course, digital's post doesn't get moderated, yet mine does simply for calling him out on it.
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User Info: Trophy_Hunter85

4 years ago#32
Spiroth_Kweehh posted...
Trophy_Hunter85 posted...
Spiroth_Kweehh posted...
^ If you play it chronologically you will spoil certain stuff. Plus you won't get to experience the evolution of the gameplay.

METAL GEAR AC!D series is a spinoff series that are non-canon, but are amazing to play through.

That's not true. In MGS3 you have more primitive gadgets and no radar so you actually get an evolution in game play playing chronologically.

And how do you spoil some thing that hasn't hasn't happened yet in the story line? Especially if you're playing it through a second time like TC said he was.

1) Seriously? That's what you understand by "experiencing the evolution of the gameplay"?
This is not what you think it is.

2) You certainly spoil tons of things, you basically spoil some of the biggest twists.
I won't try to explain this again but really quickly... you will have spoiled that Miller is dead in MGS1 while playing Peace Walker, and that the original members of Patriots data in MGS2 = Philosophers that will be dead already, when the player isn't supposed to know any of this.

You spoil some things that haven't been done in the story at that point in the chronological time, but have been done in our real time, so the game assumes the player knows about them, so it goes spoiler crazy.

Ok, I haven't played Peace walker, just 1-4 so I didn't know about that. Still though, he said he's already played through the series, so playing it chronologically would be an interesting way to play through the series the second. That's what I plan to do when Legacy collection comes out.
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User Info: Jdci

4 years ago#33
So I finished MG1TS, MG1 and MG2 Snake's Revenge.
Im now in the middle of MGS2 about 9 hours in.

Man it's really something to play it like this, and not have years in between them.
Small things stick out, conversations were they make nods to previous games.

MGS2 is really a brilliant game, now that I know how the ending is and the fact that you play with Raiden, it just clicks.
Last time I played it was at release, and I kept waiting for Snake to become playable, so that was a different experience.

I am starting to understand why Kojima is heralded as a genius, cause it really is a great experience. And knowing I have 3, PO, 4 and PW waiting it's starting to become a hell of a ride.

Just have to find a way to understand the ending of MGS2 later on.......

And probably after MGS5 hits and is finished ill try a chronoligal run.
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User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#34
I'm so glad you're having fun.

MGSaga is truly THE masterpiece for me.
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User Info: Jdci

4 years ago#35
Just finished MGS2.
This game surpasses MGS1 in every way.

First time around I was just way too pissed that I couldn't play as Snake.
It took a decade but the game and story clicked.
Twist wise it's even better than Bioshock.

The game holds up extremly well, graphics are nice, you do need to pay attention for the story. Controlwise it's a lot better than MGS1, but even then it takes getting used to.

But damn, this story was really good.
I think I like this one better than MGS3 now.
Emma death scene was brilliant, was really well done.

Well tommorow MGS3.
How important is Portable Ops storywise?
I don't really feel like playing on the PSP.
"Anyway, my favourite ball is my right one, as my left is still tender from my infamous waterslide incident :P" --Slartibartfast42
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