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Resident Evil 6..... is actually good!

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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#51
PhaseSlaethe posted...

And how far would you have liked to see RE get milked?

Taking your franchise to a different part of the established world, yet still retaining damn near every aspect of the franchise, is NOT a bad move.

^ I didn't say turning RE6 into a 3rd-Person shooter was a good move....what I said was that it's not as bad as many make it out to be.

You need to keep in mind that each game needs to be viewed on it's own merits, and NOT by the merits of previous installments.
What I mean by that is not to say you can't compare RE6 to RE4, but rather to have a little perspective and realize that there are many factors to consider....such as having completely different development teams, Capcom wanting to cater to a much wider base of gamers, and so on.

Maybe it's better if I put things in this perspective...
RE6 wasn't the game that people wanted because they wanted a game more like while it's a decent game, it gets deducted points for not being relevant to the fans of the series.
So it's okay to rate it a 6 or 7 because of this...
As opposed to....
RE6 is nothing like RE4, so I'm gonna throw a tantrum and rate it a 2 out of 10 so that very few people are inclined to buy it.
^That's just being petty.

Also keep in mind that if people were to be consistent in scoring later games based on the original, then RE4 should have scored a 2 out of 10 as well, because it was almost nothing like RE1 or RE2.
So there needs to be some perspective.

You can't have it both ways....
You can't say that a game is stale and needs to change with the times because it is the same...and then when a series does change throw a tantrum and bash it because it did change. That just destroys any credibility that you might have.

Did RE6 have any major problems or glitches...?
Was RE6 only a few hours long and offer no replayability...?
Was RE6 unplayable, unresponsive, or have poor graphics....?
Was RE6 different than RE4...?
And that's what people almost always hate about it and bash it unfairly.
And if these people were to be consistent, and if we were to apply the exact same standards & rules, then RE4 should have scored just as poorly, because it's nothing like Re1 & Re2.
See how it works ?

User Info: PhaseSlaethe

4 years ago#52
I have no issue calling RE6 a decent game on the merits of being a 3rd person action game. Even if it gets summarily destroyed at even that.

I have every issue with calling RE6 a good game because it ISN'T a good game.

I'm not even judging it based on the original. That is a YOU problem with your mentality that you need to address. I'm judging it based on the franchise.

Even RE4 felt like Resident Evil, despite the purists' best attempts at dismissing it. SURE, the beta build was 10x better than the end product, but the end product by every means felt like something that would exist in the RE world.

We could ONLY stay in the same setting as RE1-3 for so long before it becomes like the movies. Absolute copy-paste garbage.

User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#53
^ RE6 has everything that previous RE games had in terms of story, enemies, plot, and to a large extent design.
Where it changed completely was in pacing and genre. And even then, it's NOT a huge jump from RE4 (RE4 was a TPS too).
So I fail to see how RE6 is as irrelevant to the series as you do.
That's like saying Fallout 3 isn't a Fallout game, because it's nothing like Fallout 1 & 2...even though it takes place in the same universe, has the same plot and overall scope, but was changed from an isometric 2-D strategy based game to a 1'st-Person shooter/RPG hybrid.
Yet look at how well that game scored.
So your argument is flawed and without any credibility.

Your argument basically boils down to....
"I didn't like RE6, therefore it's not a credible RE game..."

Based on your argument and same logic, RE4 shouldn't be considered an RE game either.

User Info: Wekos1187

4 years ago#54
I recently bought it for 17 bucks off Amazon and I'm enjoying it. In fact I think it loads better than RE5 and I enjoyed that one as well.

Really don't understand the hate, it controls better for me, graphics a great, and they give you a whole bunch of content. Sure the story is stupid, but RE has never really had a great story or acting.

I guess it could do less of the QTE but other than that people just enjoy hating things.

User Info: deathsaber79

4 years ago#55
To the TC, I said the same thing after playing Leons campaign.

Then I tried Chris and called it a day for RE6.

User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#56
Im looooving this game

After playing almost all RE games,
This one changes things up a bit and Im enjoying that

Still better than alot of zombie games out there, I dont see why so much hate.....
The story mode I like, however Im not into versus modes

User Info: StarBladeEdge

4 years ago#57
only pathetic resi noobs think 6 isn't good enough
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User Info: tripZ504

4 years ago#58
Jx1010 posted...
Im looooving this game

After playing almost all RE games,
This one changes things up a bit and Im enjoying that

Still better than alot of zombie games out there, I dont see why so much hate.....
The story mode I like, however Im not into versus modes

Cause people have nothing better to do. I could understand if there were tech problems but I can't seem to duplicate any of them.

Even with all the hype behind revelation your going to see the same cry babies come out.

Like the whole AI arguments. People seriously want the ai todo everything for you ?
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User Info: matt091282

4 years ago#59
So, given that the price has gone down considerably, is it worth picking up now? I know the story isn't a masterpiece, but I've played all of the games so I want to continue on and see what happens. Plus, there's a ton of content, so it seems worth it, I suppose.

User Info: KonaseRitsuko

4 years ago#60
The story and campaign bad, mercenaries is the only decent thing there.
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