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Why even play a JRPG?

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User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#41
From: zinformant | #057
That has no bearing whatsoever on what I had to say, a non sequitur. I was talking about playing something different. I never once spoke about quality of the genres in question. It really matters not what you think. Deal with it.

Topic says JRPG, you blame others instead of being critical of the genre as a whole.

Ad hominem, too lazy to argue I see.
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User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#42
2pac_Alypse_Now posted...
Go away. This is like asking why eat pizza? Why wear boxers? Cat or dog? White or black? Inside or out? Up or down?

Pointless trolling.

People play JRPG's because they like them, you do not.

People who re-defined the genre play them and like them. That J and W only exist the minds of the regionally challenged.

For the rest of us that J and W doesn't exist. It isn't a necessity to need to know a game is Japanese or Western to enjoy a game, but it wouldn't be an agenda if puckerholes like the regionally challenged didn't have an abnormal regional mentality and an open forum to spew the nonsense.

It might be that mentally challenged type of topic again, even so it pays to remind them not everybody buys their BS.
She blinded me with region ....
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