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Which game do you think needs an Anime/TV series?

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  3. Which game do you think needs an Anime/TV series?

User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#21
Far Cry Blood Dragon

User Info: zinformant

4 years ago#22
somebody336 posted...
Destroy All Humans :D

This I could get behind. Also...

Asura's Wrath
Monster Racers
Zero Escape

harcoreblazer posted...
Official funyarinpa of the 999 boards.

You should probably consider a sig change considering the official Funyarinpa is Thefunyarinpa.
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User Info: Thermador446

4 years ago#23
All these ideas sound just as bad as almost every Video game that was made into a movie.

Deus EX is my best suggestion. That could actually be pretty cool if it was done right. But still. It would probably flop just like any video game movie.
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User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#24
Sly cooper, as long as they don't mess it up
Lord of gaming!!! (probably)

User Info: zeth07

4 years ago#25
BlazBlue obviously.

User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#26
Devilman_Amon posted...
Far Cry Blood Dragon

If this trailer is anything to go by, i would so watch a full show of Blood Dragon
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  3. Which game do you think needs an Anime/TV series?

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