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Image problem on HDTV

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User Info: freedree

4 years ago#1
While playing on my PS3, via HDMI, my screen blinks (goes black for a sec), and gets moved to the side, or gets zoomed-in.. Also, more rarely, the screen just goes completely purple or green.
This has started happening very frequently for the last few days. In fact, this only happens when I'm in a game. And it actually happens without fail : I've been using Red Dead Redemption as my reference, as the probem starts at exactly the same point. I boot it up, and when those two messages pop up (copywrite stuff? It's just before the Rockstar logos in the revolver.), it goes weird on the second message and zooms in on the writing.

I have tried different hdmi cables, and different resolutions, nothing changes. I've tried the different hdmi ports on the TV as well. Finally, I tried a different TV, and it worked like normal :/.

So, I'm guessing that this is a problem with my TV (Philips 26"). Has anyone experienced this and have a solution? I am hoping that it is just something I can fix myself by fiddling with the options of the TV, which is only a couple of months old :'(. I only want to send it back as a last resort.

EDIT: I think that it's basically the screen format switching around on its own O_o. Anyone have any idea about this?
This, however, doesn't explain the screen getting uncentered though :/.

EDIT n°2 (lol) : Okay, so, I use to have the screen format setting on "auto-fill", this seems to be the problem, as I have just now switched it to "widescreen", and no problems occure. So, I guess I have partially solved the problem. However, does this mean there is a problem with "auto-fill"? I never had a problem before a few days ago :-/.

I guess I'm doing well without any help lol, but I think that I won't be able to figure out what the problem is with "auto-fill" on my own, So, has anyone had any problem with "auto-fill" on their TV? And is widescreen sufficient for PS3? I'd appreciate any help whatsoever :P.
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