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How did you get the money for each system you have?

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User Info: Justice98405

4 years ago#1
Some of us save money up, or maybe it was a gift, whatever the case, go through your main systems you have and how you got the money for them, if it's something like a 360 and you've got through a few (as I have, red rings and so on) how did you pay for the one you currently have?

Here's my list:

PS3 - Getting a PS3 was a suggestion from a good friend a couple years ago when I was deciding what to do with my tax return money. I ended up getting the PS3 as was suggested.

360 - Bought my latest replacement system with regular money from my job.

Wii - I had some 'spending money' for the month that hadn't been used/allocated yet, and a co-worker was selling his Wii and games, I told him to give me a list, I made him an offer, and that was that. Also, as a bonus, it's an older one, so I can play Gamecube games as well now!

Vita - It was either tax return money or an 'extra' paycheck (two months a year, the way the days fall, I get 3 instead of 2 paychecks). I bought it on release day.

3DS XL - It just happened to be coming out during a 3 paycheck month, and it was too tempting, so I bought one on release day.

Wii U - I WAS gonna try and wait and get it next year with my tax money or something, but two things happened. One, we had limited layaway at work for the X-mas season, so I got the deluxe bundle on layaway in case they were hard to find later on (wasn't the case, but oh well), and the second and main reason, my work (Walmart) decided to give those of us that worked on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, I forget which, a special coupon that could be used on ONE total transaction for 10% off that transaction, and that's on TOP of my 10% for working there, so I got my Wii U deluxe bundle at 20% off!!!!, so that in combination with the layaway and there you go.

PC - A friend and co-worker gave me it. It's not bad either, I've got Diablo III, WoW, Guild Wars 2, SimCity, Sims 3 and more that I've bought for it myself.
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User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#2
I robbed a bank.

User Info: FiendingHard

4 years ago#3
PS3 - Paid cash

3DS XL - Traded 5 games (which I got for a total of $100)

Wii U - Paid cash. ZombiU bundle was on clearance for $330. Used a gift card and the total came up to $313.
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User Info: HoIlywood

4 years ago#4
I've owned 4 different PS3's

first one was around launch, I came into $1,000 so I bought it for $600

my next one was about a year and a half later for $400, 40 gig model

next one was while I was in Israel overseas for a few years after my 40 gig YLOD'd, over there it cost the equivalent of $700

and my latest one was bought this past Friday, for $300, the red GoW 500gb one

My Vita I scored off my friend who sold it to me for $150, he never played it once, just got it at a really good deal himself but it didn't have any games he wanted
PSN: Ahkiva

User Info: JanayBerry

4 years ago#5
One paycheck, but then I add more to my bills with the next check lol...
PSN: Jim_Berry
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User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#6
PS3 - Had some grad party money left over

PS2 fat - Dad bought years ago

PS2 slim - Don't remember. Probably allowance

DS - Christmas gift a while ago

GBA SP - Christmas gift a while ago

3DS - Birthday present

3DS XL - Christmas money

PSP - Yard work

PS Vita - Christmas money

Wii - Idk mom bought it

User Info: DBN_Stealth

4 years ago#7
sell myself on craigslist

User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#8
xbox, ps2, xbox 360, psp, ds, n64, snes, nes, dreamcast, pc - paid for myself

vita from my boyfriend
3ds from my ex husband
2nd dreamcast from my online friend
ps3 as a bday present
wii my ex husband bought when we were still together

edit- bought an ipad myself, too

User Info: Reloaded

4 years ago#9
ps3 - credit card
xbox 360 - credit card
wii - xmas gift
gcn - saved cash from after school job
xbox - saved cash from after school job
dreamcast - saved cash from summer job

My launch PS2 and everything that came before it were bought by my parents.
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User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#10
sold bodily fluids
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