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Can someone fill me in on the BlazBlue series?

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  3. Can someone fill me in on the BlazBlue series?

User Info: Red_Jester

4 years ago#1
I always wanted to play it but never got around to it. Is it anything like the Guilty Gear series?

Also, since Continuum Shift is coming to PS Plus, I went ahead and put Calamity Trigger as my next game from GameFly. Is Continuum Shift a full sequel or more like a "content packed enhanced edition" of Calamity Trigger?

Also, does the game have a significant single-player mode or is it more focused on multi-player like most fighting games?
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User Info: SieKensou

4 years ago#2
it is similar but very loosely... overall, the game is its own and holds up very well
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User Info: SigmaHaciel

4 years ago#3
More "anime" style from Guilty Gear.

The SP of the original BB isn't bad. Seems pretty extensive.

Combat is basically GG 0.8 or so.
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User Info: ARMs7777

4 years ago#4
The story mode is more like a visual novel and as for single player contents I say its the bulk of it but it had other modes that other fighters have plus some other modes.

As for the change from Calamity Trigger to Continuum Shift I say Calamity Trigger was simplier and more fun for some cause of the simplicity and speed of the game. In Continuum shift the games been slowed down because of generally less damage per hit, and combos that does almost no damage towards the end due to various system changes that . Guard Crushing an opponents isn't as simple as CT since only a few moves can cause the guard primer to go down and they are usually slow moves. Also flashy finishers are much more usuable and easier to exacute in CS.

The new game will bring the biggest change in the series so far. Which includes speeding up the game cause that was one of the major complaints. Combos will be shorter animations being speed up plus hit stun being lowered. All new stages, new/redone musics, 6 new characters, a form of comback machanic, and other system changes.

Edit: Difference between GG and BB is that GG is more about the wake up game and BB is more about the neutral game.

User Info: ZEXE

4 years ago#5
you don't need Calamity Trigger for Continuum Shift Extend as it comes with a straight to the point version of CT's story mode
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  3. Can someone fill me in on the BlazBlue series?

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