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Anyone else miss the Shadow Hearts series?

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  3. Anyone else miss the Shadow Hearts series?

User Info: AshWilliams78

4 years ago#1
3 was Crap but 1 and 2 were some of the best Mature RPG's I've played in a long time.
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User Info: KulaXDiamond

4 years ago#2
Yes. They were great games
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User Info: ComfortablySad

4 years ago#3
Great series. Game Informer did an article on loved though discontinued series and the likelihood of them returning. Shadow Hearts had the lowest odds out of all of them at 1 in 1000. Don't remember why that was exactly.
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User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#4
Great games. I still have Shadow Hearts and Covenant.

User Info: Dantechan

4 years ago#5
I played that one ps1 game that was supposed to take place before Shadow Hearts.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#6
Yes. Covenant is still one of my favorite RPGs ever.

User Info: ThePHiLsTeR

4 years ago#7
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User Info: SharmHedgehog

4 years ago#8
I wish I could play them (or at least Covenant). From what I've read, they seem pretty good.
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User Info: Broccoli92

4 years ago#9
Yeah.. one of my favorite series I doubt we will ever see another Shadow Hearts :(
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User Info: BruceWayneJr

4 years ago#10
Yep, very underrated and overlooked series. I loved the first 2 so much that I forced myself to plow through Koudelka, which was interesting but very awkward. I couldn't finish Shadow Hearts 3 though, and "awkward" doesn't begin describe it...
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  3. Anyone else miss the Shadow Hearts series?

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