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Anyone else miss the Shadow Hearts series?

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User Info: Nihilux

4 years ago#21
Miss it? Hell yeah. Probably my favourite RPG series. I would love someone buying the license to make a sequel or a spin-off. I would also love a HD collection.


4 years ago#22
I still got from the New World and bought SH: Convent again.

Still want to give the Native American chick a big hug.

User Info: supo

4 years ago#23
The second one is my fav rpg of all time, loved everything about it. If only they could release a HD collection or something...I would go nuts lol.
We are not alone...

User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#24
DemiFist posted...
toadieman posted...
OtakuGamera posted...
3 was great, it's the only shadow hearts game i've played but it was amazing. the girl has big melons.

3 was just ok. If you would've played the first 2 you would've missed Yuri in 3. Instead you got a kid who uses a lighter to fight with. At least that's what it looked like.

I played all three games and still enjoyed 3 just as much as the previous installments with Yuri...
Too many people got hung up on that character and automatically it lowered their enjoyment of 3...
In my opinion it was a welcome departure and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with From the New World.

What can I say, Yuri was a badass dude.

User Info: SeeDSquallBM

4 years ago#25
Hell yeah i miss them

User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#26
toadieman posted...
OtakuGamera posted...
did anyone have big melons in 1 or 2?

Karin and that other girl that deals in cards. I forget her name. Both are in covenant.

Lucia is her name
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